James Ballard, Miniature Painter

(fl. 1766-1792)

Miniature Painter

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

He was a pupil in the Dublin Society's schools and obtained prizes there in 1753, 1754 and 1756. He exhibited miniatures at the Society of Artists in William Street from 1766 to 1777, and was a teacher of drawing of some repute for many years. In 1766 he was living in Bull Lane, and from 1767 to 1777 in Mary's Abbey. He died in 1792. A miniature of a lady, signed and dated 1768, is in the National Museum, Kildare Street. The frontispiece of the "Hibernian Magazine" for 1775 was engraved by W. Esdall from a drawing by him. James Basire engraved "the portrait of Dean Swift drawn by Mr. Ballard," and a similar one of Dr. Parnell; both were in the exhibition of the Society of Artists in London in 1775.

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