Hugh Frazer, Landscape Painter

(fl. 1813-1861)

Landscape Painter

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

A native of Dromore, Co. Down. He was admitted as a pupil in the drawing school of the Dublin Society in 1812, and exhibited a sketch with the Society of Artists in Hawkins Street in the following year. He began to exhibit in the Royal Hibernian Academy in 1826 and was a constant contributor down to 1861. During this period he resided sometimes at Dromore or Belfast and sometimes in Dublin. He was elected an Associate of the Royal Hibernian Academy on 10th May, 1830, and a Member on 27th May, 1837, and was Professor of Painting from 1839 to 1853. An "Essay on Painting" by him, an 8vo of 35 pages, dedicated to Francis Johnston, p.r.h.a., was published by "M. Jellet, Belfast, and by James Burnside, Capel Street, Dublin. Belfast: Printed by Alexander Mackay, jun., 1830." He settled for a time in Belfast in 1834, and exhibited in the Commercial Newsroom a picture, 42 by 34 inches, "A View of Belfast, taken from the Curator's house in the Botanic Gardens." On the 29th May, 1834, the artist advertised this picture to be balloted for; but it is not known what became of it or where it now is. He also painted a life-size portrait of "A. Hamilton Rowan," which he exhibited in the Calender Street Newsrooms. He was President of the Association of Artists founded in Belfast in 1836. Frazer painted views and scenes of Irish life, and, occasionally, portraits. In July, 1861, he resigned his membership of the Academy "owing to future absence from Dublin and perhaps from Ireland," and his name does not appear again as an exhibitor, nor is there any further account of him. Two pictures by him, "A View on the River Lagan near the first Lock," and a "View of Old Ormeau Bridge," belong to Mr. Isaac Ward, Belfast.

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