Herbert Stoppelaer, Portrait Painter

(d. 1772)

Portrait Painter

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

Was born in Dublin, perhaps a son of William Stoppelaer of Dame Street, a freeman of the Goldsmiths' Guild from 1725 to 1740. He is said to have gone to London with Thomas Frye (q.v.). He exhibited six portraits, including one of himself, with the Society of Artists in London in 1761 and 1762, and designed many of the humorous subjects published by Bowles. He died in May, 1772. In the notice of his death in the "Gentleman's Magazine" he is styled "a celebrated Limner," but nothing is now known of his works, and Edwards, writing in 1808 ("Anecdotes of Painting") says that they "do not possess any superiority that can distinguish them from the multitude of those common-place portraits which are daily produced to preserve a face, but are rarely noticed beyond the third generation."

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