Daniel Pomarede, Engraver

(fl. 1742-1765)


From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

He was a member of a Dublin Huguenot family descended from Pierre Pomarede of Bordeaux. He was a silversmith as well as an engraver, his name appearing as a quarter-brother of the Goldsmiths' Corporation in 1744. The earliest engravings by him which have been met with are the illustrations to "Spectacle de la Nature, or Nature Displayed," published in 1742 by Edward Exshaw at the Bible and Crown, Dublin. His work, however, appears to have been chiefly map-engraving. A "Plan of Rome" is in Vol. IV of the "Universal History" published by G. Faulkner in 1744; and there are also by him a "Map of the City of Waterford" in Smith's "History of Waterford," published in 1746; a "Plan of the City of Limerick," a "Plan of Athlone," and a "Plan of the Battle of the Boyne," in the "History of the Life and Reign of William III" by Walter Harris, 1749; and a "Map of the County of Kerry," in Smith's "History of Kerry." A "Map of the County Kildare," inscribed Daniel Pomarede sculpt. Dublin, was published in 1752; it contains four views: "A Prospect of the Great Match run on the Curragh, 5th September, 1751, for 1,000 guineas between Black and All Black, belonging to the Honourable Sir Ralph Gore, and Bajazet, the property of the Right Honourable the Earl of March, won with ease by the former";* a "View of Leixlip from the Bridge"; "Carton, the Seat of the Right Honourable the Earl of Kildare," and "The Obelisk near Castletown." An impression of this scarce Map is at Carton. In "The Great Charter of the Liberties of the City of Waterford," by Timothy Cunningham, published both in Latin and English in 1752 by A. Long, Essex Street, is a well-engraved vignette of a shield of arms by Pomarede.

In or soon after 1753 Pomarede went to Belfast, and although a few engravers had occasionally visited the town, he was the first to make any stay there. He took up his abode at "John Templeton's in North Street, next door to the sign of the Still." He engraved the frontispiece for "Hiram, or the Grand Master-Key to the Door of both Ancient and Modern Free-Masonry, . . . embellished with a beautiful copper-plate of the Drawing on the Floor of the Lodge at the admission of a New Member. By a Member of the Royal Arch, Belfast, printed for Henry and Robert Joy, printers and booksellers, 1765." The print bears the signature, D. Pomarede, Sculpt. He was also probably the engraver of the elaborate book-plate of the Belfast Library in 1765. In the British Museum is a "Plan and Elevation of Essex Bridge," by him, undated, but done in or shortly after 1755.

NOTE: * For this Match see "Pue's Occurrences," 7th October, 1751. Another print of the Match was published in London: "A Draught of the great Match which was run on the Curragh of Kildare, near Dublin, in Ireland, on the 5th of September, 1751, for one thousand guineas each side, betwixt Othello, or Black and All Black, a famous horse belonging to the Honourable Sir Ralph Gore, Bart., and Bajazet, the property of the Right Honourable the Earl of March, on which were depending the greatest number of betts of any race ever known: was won with ease by the former. Published by authority according to Act of Parliament the 15th of September, 1751, by Hen. Roberts, print-seller, Holborn." Roberts fecit.

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