Charles Grey, Portrait and Landscape Painter

(b. about 1808, d. 1892)

Portrait and Landscape Painter

From A Dictionary of Irish Artists 1913

Charles Grey. Photograph.

Was born in Greenock about 1808. He came to Ireland as a young man and found employment as a portrait painter in Dublin, especially among his fellow-countrymen. He began to exhibit in the Royal Hibernian Academy in 1837 and was elected an Associate on 1st June, 1838, and a Member on 1st December, 1845. For some years he exhibited portraits, but ultimately confined himself chiefly to Views of Scottish Scenery. He was taken up by Lord Londonderry and Lord Powerscourt and spent much of his time with them in the Scottish Highlands, where as a good rifle-shot, a teller of stories and an amusing companion he was a useful and entertaining guest. In such a life his art suffered and he made but little money by his profession. A number of sketches by him of Irish notabilities were etched by John Kirkwood (q.v.) for the "Dublin University Magazine." Many of the original sketches are in the National Gallery of Ireland. He died in 1892. He left several sons who followed art with more or less success. Of them, Edwin Landseer, Alfred, R.H.A., a painter of landscapes and cattle, and Gregor are still living; and James and Charles Malcolm are separately noticed. Among Charles Grey's works are:

William Carleton. Drawing. Lithographed as frontispiece to "Traits and Stories," edition of 1852.

Robert Crossley. R.H.A., 1852.

James Frazer. R.H.A., 1851.

Dr. Robert Graves. Drawing. Lithographed by Forster for the "Quarterly Journal of Medical Science," February, 1853.

Donald McLea, head forrester to the Duke of Sutherland. Painted at Rhidorroch, Rosshire, in 1859. [Viscount Powerscourt.] A small oil study is in the National Gallery of Ireland.

Lord Macduff. Painted in 1874.

James McGlashan. R.H.A., 1849.

Daniel O'Connell. R.H.A., 1843.

John O'Donovan. [National Gallery of Ireland.] R.H.A., 1838.

George Petrie. R.H.A., 1837.

Frederick Pilkington. R.H.A., 1851.

Mervyn, 7th Viscount Powerscourt. R.H.A., 1863.

Dr. Whitley Stokes. R.H.A., 1840. A copy by G. Morosini is in the Royal College of Physicians, Kildare Street.

John Taylor, M.D. Engraved by Grey after a portrait by J. Howard Burgess.

Alexander Thom. R.H.A., 1850.

Patrick Thom. R.H.A., 1851.

Waiting the return of the Deer Stalkers, Rhidorroch. [Marquess of Londonderry.] R.H.A., 1862.

The Pass of Cairngorm. [Viscount Powerscourt.]

The Sunny Corries of Ben-y-Bond. [Marquess of Londonderry.]

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