The Mullady or Mulledy Family

Mullady or Mulledy family crest

(Crest No. 205. Plate 34.)

THE Mulledy family is descended from Milesius, King of Spain, through the line of his son Heremon. The founder of the family was Brian, son of Eocha Moy Veagon, King of Ireland, A. D. 350. The ancient name was Mahlady, which signifies “Modesty.” The name was taken from Maolanedy, brother of Fearghail, ancestor of Ferrall.

The heads of the sept were styled Chiefs of Broglie, and their possessions were located in the present County of Westmeath. Brogha, the district of the O’Mulledys, comprised part of the present baronies of Delvin and Farbill, in the County of Westmeath, and appears to have adjoined McCoughlan’s territory, and was probably part of the barony of Garveycastle, in Kings County, and of Clonlonan, in Westmeath, in which county in former times there were many families of the Mulledys.