The McRory Family

McRory family crest

(Crest No. 288. Plate 54.)

THE McRory family is descended from Milesius, King of Spain, through the line of his son Ir. The founder of the family was Leigh, son of Rory O’More, of the race of Ir, who gave his name to the Clanna Rory tribe, in Ulster, B. C. 87.

The ancient name was Rory and signifies “Great Knowledge.” The possessions of the sept were located in Kings County.

The McRorys, Anglicized McRogers, were chiefs of Kilwarlin, in ancient Ulidia, which embraced the present County of Down and a portion of Antrim.

A McRory, in 1342, was constable to the O’Conors and was leader of a band of Scotch gallowglasses from the western islands of Scotland, who were in the pay of the King of Connaught. The McRorys descend from Rory, the brother of Donnell, the ancestor of the McDonnells of Scotland and Ireland. The McRorys, McDonnells, and McDowells were called the Clann-Samhairle or Clann-Sorley.

The McRorys, or Rogers, were also chiefs of Tealach Ainbith and of Muintir Birn, districts in the baronies of Dungannon and Strabane, in the County of Tyrone.

There were chiefs of the name likewise in Siol Anmacha, or Silancha, which ancient territory comprised the present barony of Longford, in the County of Galway, and the parish of Lusmagh, on the other (Leinster) side of the River Shannon, near Banagher, in Kings County.

There are many of this name in Ireland and the United States, among whom may be mentioned Mr. John J. Rogers of New York City, and Mr. James J. Rogers of Brooklyn, N. Y., both of whom are prominent and honorable representatives of the name.