The Adair Family

Adair family crest

(Crest No. 38. Plate 66.)

THE Adair family is of Norman origin, and came to Ireland in the year 1170, settling in the present Queens County. A noted member of this family was Robert Adair, the hero of the well known song, Robin Adair, set to the music of the ancient Irish air of Aileen Aroon. This Robert Adair was related to the Desmond branch of the Fitzgeralds. Another of this name was knighted by William the Third in 1690. A branch of the Adair family also resided in the County of Monaghan, near Castleblayney, where they were universally respected and esteemed.

Adair family crest

(Crest No. 39. Plate 66.)

A well known member of this family was the late Robert Adair, of New York City, a prominent merchant and manufacturer, and a man of the highest standing for honor and integrity in the community. His brother, Colonel James Adair, of New York, served with marked distinction during the late Civil War, being one of the first to volunteer, and remaining continually in the field from Bull Run to Appomattox, and participating in every battle and action in which the Army of the Potomac was engaged.