Newport, Limerick - Book of County Tipperary, 1889

About “The Book of County Tipperary,” 1889

George Henry Bassett produced 7 Irish county directories in the 1880s: Antrim, Armagh, Down, Kilkenny, Louth, Tipperary and Wexford. Each provides useful history of the respective counties as well as lists of office holders, farmers, traders, and other residents of the individual cities, towns and villages.

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The directories are naturally an invaluable resource for those tracing family history. The Book of County Tipperary is the first of these to be made available on, with its own search page. However, there are a few points to bear in mind.

  1. This online version is designed primarily as a genealogical research tool and therefore the numerous advertisements in the original book, many full page, and quite a few illustrated, have been excluded.
  2. The text has been proofed with due care, but with large bodies of text typographical errors are inevitably bound to occur.
  3. Be aware that there were often inconsistencies in spelling surnames in the 19th century and also that many forenames are abbreviated in Bassett’s directories.

With respect to the last point, surnames which today begin with the “Mc” prefix, for example, were often formerly spelt as “M‘,”. For a list of some of the more common forename abbreviations used in the directory, see Forename Abbreviations.

To enjoy the rich variety of advertisements, confirm accuracy of the entries, or have a printed record of a family member, obtain an original or facsimile copy of The Book of County Tipperary.

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Population 938 in 1881—Trout-fishing.

Newport, in the parish of Kilvellane, barony of Owney and Arra, is 8 miles, Irish, north-east of Limerick, 12 miles south-west of Nenagh, and 3 miles south-east of the Castleconnell railway station. The town, which is well built and slated, is situated on the Mulkear, a first-rate trout river, and is surrounded by a fertile country, richly wooded and charmingly diversified. Newport has been greatly improved within the past forty years. During that period many old houses have been removed from the principal streets, and new ones erected of a much better class. A new court house has been added, and the western bank of the river handsomely planted by Mr. George W. Bassett, J.P., Mr. George Cullen, and the late Mr. Joseph Greene. The land of the district is for the most part good for pasture and tillage. It is largely used for dairy cows. One of the first butter factories in the south of Ireland was established here by Mr. George Cullen. There are good fairs held at Newport. For list see back of book. A project for connecting the town by tramway with Castleconnell has been for some time in abeyance.

Clare Glen, a favorite summer resort for pic-nic parties and excursionists, is less than 2 miles, Irish, to the south-east. It has romantic walks, in parts beautifully bowered, and a pretty cascade. There are remains of ancient churches at Ballymackeogh and Kilnerath.

The Catholic church at Newport is a spacious cruciform edifice. A stone in the front gable bears date 1793. Mural tablets in the interior commemorate Very Rev. Redmond Bourke, V.F., P.P., 1875; Very Rev. Jas. Healy, P.P., 1844: Lev. Thomas Meagher, P.P., 1888.

The Protestant church has a handsome octagonal tower, erected in 1823, which is seen from a long distance, and helps to point out the location of the town. The interior of the church has been modernized and seated in pitch pine. Mural tablets commemorate Rev. John Pennefather, D.D., 1839; Sir E. Waller, Bt., 1851; Sir Rt. Waller, 1826.

Sir Charles Waller, Bart., is principal owner of the town.

Bakers: Chas. Cullen, Michael M‘Loughlin, Jas. Wixted, see also Grocers

Catholic Ch.: Rev. Jas. Howard, P.P.; Rev. F. Cleary, C.C.; Rev. Ml. Morris, C.C.

Church of Id.: Rev. George Hiffernan

Civil Bill O.: Thos. Benn

Creameries: C. Cullen, G. Cullen

Dispensary: Dr. Hy. Dwyer

Drapers: Miss Eliza Allen, see also Grocers

Egg exporters: Geo. Cullen, Wm. Egan, Jas. Wixted

Emigration agt.: Miss C. M. Allen

Grocers marked thus [*] sell spirits. Thus [†] hardware. Thus [‡] drapers. Thus [b] bakers— Wm. Allen*, Jas. Birmingham*, Ml. Bourke†b, Philip Butler, Jno. Carterb, Ml. Corbett*, Christr. Cullen*‡, Geo. Cullen*†‡, Edw. Delany, sen.†, Edw. Delany, jun.*, Martin Egan*, James Hayes*, Martin Kennedy*‡, Mrs. Mt. Lee*, Mrs. J. M‘Cormack, John Meehan*, Ml. Quinlan*, Ptk. Ryan*

Hardware: see Grocers

Hotel proptrs.: C. Cullen, G. Cullen

Miller: Geo. Cullen

Petty Sessions, fortnightly on Friday: Albert H. Lee, clerk

Post M.: Miss Catherine M. Allen

Provisions: Henry Dixon, D. Kilmartin, John Meehan, John O’Gorman, Cornls. Shine

Relieving Officer: Wm. Lee

R.I.C.: A. Le C. Macdonald, D.I.; Head constable M‘Clusky

Saddlers: Thos. Benn, John M‘Grath

Schools, Charter: James Kinmouth; National: Mr. Broderick, Miss H. O’Connor, Miss E. O’Connor

Spirit retailers: see also Grocers—Mrs. Mt. Ahern, Ml. Caplis, Jno. Ryan, Crab rd.; John Ryan, Pound st

Victualler: Martin Sullivan


Cashel, George, Oakhampton

Coffey, John, Ballyard

Coffey, John, Newtown

Coffey, John, Oakhampton

Coffey, Mrs. B., Shower

Coffey, Mrs. M., Barna

Coffey, Patrick, Port Ryan

Coffey, Patrick. Freagh

Cronyn. Dr. Wm. B., Dromore

Egan, Michael, Castlewaller

Elliott, James, Castlewaller

Finch, G. M. (J.P.), Bloomfield Lo

Frawley, Wm., Garryteige

Gabbett, Wyndham (J.P.), M’trivers

Gleeson, Edward, Barna

Going, C. M., Cregg House

Gleeson, Mrs., Coolboreen

Green, Mrs. M. A., Greenville

Hiffernan, —, St. John’s

Kennedy, Phil, Castlewaller

Kennedy, Wm., Castlewaller

Lucas, Capt. Hy., Rockvale

M‘Grath, Cornls., Kilmacogue

M‘Keogh, John, Cregg

Powell, James, Derryleigh

Phillips, John P., Mountphillips

Richardson, Martin, Ballymakeogh

Ryan, Chas. E. (J.P.), B’ymakeogh

Ryan, Daniel, Gortshane W

Ryan, Mrs. J., Fannett

Ryan, Patrick, Barna

Ryan, Patk., Foxhall

Ryan, Patrick, Carrowkeale

Ryan, Patrick, Scraggeen

Ryan, Wm. (J.P.), Ballymakeogh

Ryan, William, Ballymakeogh

Sullivan, Patrick, Ballyard

Thorn, Benjm., Mt. Prospect

Troy, Daniel, Rootagh

Waters, Thos., Ballykinlalee

Waller, Bolton, New Ross

Young, Rt.W. (J.P.),Clonsingle Ho