Clonmel Alphabetical Directory - Book of County Tipperary, 1889

About “The Book of County Tipperary,” 1889

George Henry Bassett produced 7 Irish county directories in the 1880s: Antrim, Armagh, Down, Kilkenny, Louth, Tipperary and Wexford. Each provides useful history of the respective counties as well as lists of office holders, farmers, traders, and other residents of the individual cities, towns and villages.

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The directories are naturally an invaluable resource for those tracing family history. The Book of County Tipperary is the first of these to be made available on, with its own search page. However, there are a few points to bear in mind.

  1. This online version is designed primarily as a genealogical research tool and therefore the numerous advertisements in the original book, many full page, and quite a few illustrated, have been excluded.
  2. The text has been proofed with due care, but with large bodies of text typographical errors are inevitably bound to occur.
  3. Be aware that there were often inconsistencies in spelling surnames in the 19th century and also that many forenames are abbreviated in Bassett’s directories.

With respect to the last point, surnames which today begin with the “Mc” prefix, for example, were often formerly spelt as “M‘,”. For a list of some of the more common forename abbreviations used in the directory, see Forename Abbreviations.

To enjoy the rich variety of advertisements, confirm accuracy of the entries, or have a printed record of a family member, obtain an original or facsimile copy of The Book of County Tipperary.

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For names not found here see Clonmel Business Branches, Professions, &c., and Sub-Post Offices of Ballypatrick, Clerihan, Fethard, Kilsheelan, Lisronagh, Mobarnan, Newcastle, Poulmucka, and Rosegreen.

Abbreviations, Sub-Post Offices: K—Knocklofty; M—Marlfield.

Adams, Saml. H. G., Knocklofty

Austin, Cornelius, Moorstown

Bagwell, Richard, (D.L.), Marlfield

Bates, Roger, Garryshane

Baker, Rd., 1 Parnell st

Barton, Miss, Brighton pl

Bookey, Mrs. M., Woodrooffe

Boshel, Saml. C., Ballyvaughan

Boshel, Jas. D., Ballyvaughan

Boyle, Michael, Ballybeg, K

Bradshaw, Misses, Anglesea st

Bradshaw, Misses, Queen st

Brien, James, Tannersrath

Brien, Thomas, Lawlesstown

Brittain, Martin, Rathronan

Britton, Patrick, Ballylennon

Byrne, Ml., Ballybeg, K

Byrne, Thos., Tullaghmelan, K

Byrne, Wm., Ballymorris, K

Byrne, John, Flemingstown, K

Byrne, Wm. (J.P.), Glenconnor Ho

Burke, Patrick, Ardgeeha U

Burke, Rd. (M.F.H.), Roseville

Burke, W., Lr. Ballindoney, K

Bushell, Sl. C., Ballyvaughan

Butler, Edmond T., Laganore

Butler, Pierse, Patrick’s Well

Butler, Wm., Park, K

Cahill, John, Tullaghmelan, K

Cantwell E. (J.P.), Parnell st

Carew, Hon. Col. (R.M.), River Ho

Carey, Patrick, Templeetny

Carr, John, The Lodge

Carson, Robt., Ballyneety, K

Clarke, William, Richmond st

Cleary, John, 64 Main st

Cleary, Patk., Ballyneety, K

Cleary, P., Raheenballindoney, K

Cleary, Thos., Ardgeeha L

Clibborn, B., Anner House

Clibborn, Chas. E., Anner Park

Clibborn, Fred., Anner House

Clibborn, Thos. H., Anner House

Cobden, Geo. E. (J.P.), Raheens

Collett, Mrs., Peace Grove

Collins, Peter (T.C.), Parnell st

Cummins, John, Knockanlash

Condon, D. J., 26 Main st

Condon, Jn., Priest’n, Ballinamult

Condon, M., Priest’n, Ballinamult

Condon, T., Priest’n, Ballinamult

Connell, Patrick, Ardgeeha

Connors, Matthew, Loughtally, M

Connor, Ptk., Monksgrange, K

Constable, Mrs., 4 Anne st

Cooney, Edmond, Kilteegan

Cooney, Francis, Cashel st

Cooney, John P., Garranlea

Cooney, Mrs. C., Moanmore, K

Cooney, Mrs., Old Grange, K

Cooney, Thos., Monksgrange, K

Corcoran, Rd., Dispensary st

Costelloe, James, Lawlesstown

Craddock, C. S., Queen st

Creagh, Capt. Rd. F., Melbrook

Crean, Mrs. K., Coolgreany

Croome, William, Annsfort

Cullen, Patrick, Burgagery

Cunningham, Ml. J., Rock Cottage

Darmody, John, Ballinvoher

Davine, Michael, Dorney’s Well, K

Dempster, Miss, Prior Park

Doherty, Rt. M., 22 Stanton’s row

Doocy, Thomas, Ballyvaughan

Dower, Michael, Rathkeevan

Dwyer, Edmond, Rathwalter, K

Dwyer, Edwd., Moanmore, K

Dwyer, Wm., Elmville

English, James, Doone

Farrell, James, Ballingarrane

Farrell, Patrick, Old Grange, K

Fayle, Benjn. (J.P.), Merlin

Fell, Mrs., Rink place

Fennessy, Wm., Ballyneety, K

Ffennell, Chas., Belle Vue pl

Fitzgerald, Gerald, New quay

Flaherty, Patrick, Mullinarinka

Flannery, John, Rahaniskey

Fletcher, James, Bolton st

Foley, Thos., Mary st

Forbes, John, Monksgrange, K

Gabbett, Major Chas. E. D. (J.P.), Redmondstown Ho

Garde, Surg.-Maj., Sweet Briar cot

Gordon, Robert H., 3 Jervis place

Gorman, James, Ballyboe

Gorman, John, Ballyboe

Gough, George, Birdhill

Gough, Percy (J.P.), Salisbury

Graham, Mrs., Anne st

Graham, Thos. (J.P. ), Duncan st

Griffith, Rt., Spa

Grubb, Miss S., Glenam

Grubb, Mrs., Prince Edw. pl

Grubb, John B., Quay House

Grubb, Joseph Hy., Bruce Villa

Grubb, Llewelyn, Brighton place

Guidra, Timothy, Boherduff

Guiry, Patrick V., Lakefield

Hackett, E. C. (J.P.), Gladstone st

Hackett, Michl., Loughtally, M

Hackett, Thos., Gordon st

Hally, Andrew, Garryshane

Hally, Jas., Ballyneety, K

Hally. Jas. (P. M.), Marlfield

Hally, John, Moanmore, K

Hally, Wm., jun., Moanmore, K

Hammerton, Mttw., Orchardstown

Harney, John, Moanmehill

Harney, Thos., Moangarriff

Hart, A. C., Peace Grove

Harvey, H. L., Anglesea st

Hemphill, Robert, New quay

Hewetson, Mrs., Rink pl

Hickey, John, Powerstown

Higgins, Dd. H. (J.P.), Anne st

Higgins, Jos,, Mountain Lodge

Hill, Thos. H., Croan

Holland, John C., Gladstone st up

Hunt, Richard C., Brunswick

Hunt, Thos., Kilheffernan

Hunter, Rt., 39 Gladstone st

Hutchings, Rd., Mt. Pleasant

Jones, William, Knockeen, K

Keane, Michael, Burgagery

Keating, James, Monksgrange, K

Keating, John, Monksgrange, K

Keating, Michl., Powerstown

Keating, Richd., Ballyvaughan

Keating, Wm., Ballybeg, K

Keeffe, John, Ballinvoher

Keeffe, John, Moangarriff

Keily, Daniel, Woodrooff

Keily, John, Ballinvoher

Kellett, Richard O., Clonacody

Kenny, James W., Parnell st

Kenny, Mrs., Prior Park

Kingston, E., Bolton st

Lamb, Mrs. M., G’temple, K

Lamphier, Mrs., South View

Lane, Miss, Queen st

Lawler, Thomas, Clonacody

Leachman, L. W., Prior Park

Lesmond, Major L., Glenview

Lonergan, J. H., Anglesea st

Lonergan, John H., Glenbrook

Lonergan, John, Rathronan

Lonergan, John, Shanbally

Lynch, John, Clashaniska U

M‘Caffrey, Jos., Wellington st

M‘Donald, J. G., 9 Anne st

M‘Gee, Mrs., Marlfield

McGrath, John, Mylerstown

M‘Grath, John, Rathloose

Maher, John, James’ st

Malcomson, Mrs., Manilla

Malcomson, Rt., Melview

Malcomson, Thos., Manilla

Meagher, Michael F., Mary st

Minchen, J. M., Duncan st

Mockler, Patk., Redmondstown

Monday, D., Poolboy

Moore, Mrs., Summerhill

Moore, Stephen (D.L.), Barne

Moore, Stn. G., Summerhill

Moroney, John, Dublin road

Moroney, Patrick, Dublin road

Morrissey, Maurice, Roxborough K

Morrissey, T., jun., Clashaniska

Morrissey, Wm,, Old Bridge

Morton, Capt.M. V. S. (J.P.), Little I

Murphy, Geo., Prior Park

Murphy, Mrs. C., Banard, B’carberry

Murphy, Mrs. E. J., Prior Park

Murphy, James, Shanbally

Murphy, Thos., Prior Park

Murphy, W. J., Gladstone st

Nagle, John, Cooloran

Nash, Mrs., Anglesea st

Nethercott, Oliver, Fethard rd

Norris, Michael, Shanbally

O’Connell, Mrs., Anne st

O’Donnell, Adw., Shanballyard

O’Donnell, Edm., Ballyveelish N

O’Donnell, Edm., Loughtally, M

O’Donnell, Patk., Patrickswell, M

O’Donnell, Wm., Rahaniska

O’Keeffe, Pk., The Ormond Hotel

O’Mahony, John E., 2 Anne st

O’Mahony, Mrs., Gladstone st

O’Mahony, Ts. K. (J.P.) Wilderness

O’Neill, Denis, Redmondstown

O’Neill, Felix, Lisronagh

O’Neill, John, Lawlesstown

Orr, James, Airmount

Orr, Misses, Airmount

Phelan, B. P. (J.P,) Spring Garden

Phelan, Dl., 27 Parnell st

Phelan, James, Horsepasture

Phelan, James, 27 Parnell st

Phelan, Thos., Spring Garden

Phelan, Wm., Glenhackett

Phelan, Wm. jun., Glenhackett

Philips, Thos. G., Park Ville

Pim, Saml. B., New quay

Prendergast, Jas., 11 Gordon st

Prendergast, James, Shortcastle

Power, John, Inishlounaght

Power, John, Quay st

Power, Martin, Lisnatubrid

Power, Robert, Clonwalsh

Power, Thos., Elmville

Prettie, Miss, Glenview

Proctor, Rev. G. A. (C.I.) Ballybeg, K

Purcell, Mrs. C., Convent Bridge

Purcill, Chas., Caherclough

Purcill, Michl., Caherclough

Quinlan, Jas., Gladstone st up

Quinn, Fredk. J., Riverside

Quinn, Hy. J., Convent Bridge

Quinn, T. A. (J.P.) Bellevue pl

Quirke, Wm., 2 Main st

Reidy, Michl., Crutta South, K

Riall, W. A. (d.l.) Nelson st

Riall, Col. W. A. (J.P.) Heywood

Roach, Edmond, Moanmore, K

Russell, George, Abbey st

Russell, John, Air Hill

Ryan, Capt. C. A., Silverspring

Ryan, Daniel, Monksgrange, K

Ryan, John, Garryntemple, K

Ryan, Michl. (J.P.) Jervis pl

Ryan, Patrick, Drishogue

Savage, John, Mary st

Scott, John R., Anglesea st

Scott, Thos. H., Parnell st

Shanley, W., Richmond Ho

Shea, Edm., Mullinarinka

Shea, John, Garryntemple, K

Shee, A., Abbey View

Shee, J. J. (J.P.) Abbey View

Sheehan, Thomas, Tannersrath, C

Skally, John F., Marlfield

Skehan, Mrs., Gordon st

Slatttery, Denis, Knockeevan

Smith, Chr. (S.I.) Gordon pl

Stanistreet, Thos., Roseville

Stanistreet, Wm., Roseville

Stephens, S. H. (C.I.) Innislonagh

Stokes, Mrs., Gladstone st

Stokes, Mrs., Riverside

Sullivan, J., 19 Gladstone st up

Sullivan, Ty., Brick, K

Sweeney, John, Park, K

Sweeney, Michael, Park

Tinsley, John H., New st

Tinsley, Thos. W. Anne st

Tobin, Michl., Ballynamuddagh, K

Tobin, T., Ballingarrane, N

Toomey, Edmond, Ballybeg, K

Toomey, Jno., Monksgrange, K

Townsend, Jas., Ardgeeha U

Wall, Michael, Old Grange, K

Walsh Wm., Mullinarinka

Watson, Solmn. (J.P.), Summerville

White, Jas., Queen st

Wise, Mrs. S., Rochestown, K



Letters addressed to residents of sub-postal districts should bear the name of the head office, thus: Clerihan, Clonmel.