Thomas Dillon, 4th Viscount

Dillon, Thomas, 4th Viscount, was born about 1614, and succeeded to his estates 15th March 1635-6. Bred a Catholic, at fifteen he became a Protestant, and subsequently took his seat in Parliament, and was raised to several offices of trust. Being on a mission to King Charles in February 1641-'2, he was, with Lord Taaffe, seized at Ware by order of the House of Commons. After some months' imprisonment, they escaped and joined the King at York. Upon Dillon's return to Ireland, he was made Lieutenant-General, and was appointed joint President of Connaught with Viscount Wilmot. On the 6th December 1646 he was received back into the Catholic Church by the Nuncio, Rinnuccini, at St. Mary's, Kilkenny, in presence of a vast concourse of people. He commanded one division of Ormond's army which was defeated before Dublin by the Parliamentary leader, General Jones, in 1649. Dillon's estates were confiscated by Cromwell, and he and his family lived in exile on the Continent until the Restoration. In 1663 most of his extensive landed property was restored, and several high offices in the state were conferred upon him. He died about 1672. The family appear to have had a house in Winetavern-street, Dublin, as his wife and one of his sons died there, and were buried in St. James's churchyard.


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