Robert Ball

Ball, Robert, LL.D., a naturalist, was born at Cove, now Queenstown, County of Cork, 1st April 1802. He early showed a predilection for natural history. On attaining his majority he took an active part in the public affairs of Youghal, where he then resided. He applied himself to medicine with the intention of adopting it as his profession, but was induced to relinquish it and enter the civil service in Dublin, where he held situations in various government departments until 1854, when he retired on a pension. Meanwhile he prosecuted his scientific investigations, and acquired a high reputation as a naturalist. From 1837 he occupied the post of Secretary to the Zoological Society, and soon afterwards became Treasurer of the Royal Irish Academy. In 1840 he was appointed director of the museum of Trinity College, to which he presented his valuable private collection. Dr. Ball filled honourable positions in most of the scientific societies of Dublin, besides receiving many honorary degrees, both home and foreign. His degree of LL.D. was conferred upon him, honoris causa, by the University in 1850. Dr. Ball was a man greatly esteemed and beloved. He died rather suddenly, 30th March 1857, aged 54.


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