Peter O'Neill Crowley

Crowley, Peter O'Neill, a prominent Fenian, was born 23rd May 1832, at Ballymacoda, County of Cork, where his father was a respectable farmer. His uncle, Rev. Peter O'Neill, was flogged at Cork in 1798 for alleged complicity in the insurrection of that year. Peter inherited his farm, and cultivated it with great industry and thrift. He was a teetotaller from ten years of age; he was studious in his habits, and was greatly beloved by relatives and friends. He early joined the Fenian movement, became an active propagandist, took the field in March 1867, and formed one of a party under command of Captain McClure in the attack on the Knockadoon coastguard station. Afterwards he took refuge with a few comrades in Kilclooney Wood, County of Cork, where, on Sunday 31st March, his small party was attacked and defeated by military and constabulary. He was mortally wounded in the fight, and died a few hours afterwards at Mitchelstown, whither he was conveyed — being treated with the greatest kindness and consideration by his captors. One who was with him to the last remarked: "His death was most edifying. Never did I attend one who made a greater impression upon me. He begged of me to tell his sister not to be troubled because of his death, which he hoped would be a happy one." An immense concourse attended his funeral at Ballymacoda.


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