Jones Quain

Quain, Jones, M.D., the author and editor of several medical works of established reputation, was born at Mallow in 1795. He studied anatomy at Paris, took his degree of M.D. at the University of Dublin in 1833, and was Professor of Anatomy and Physiology in the University of London. He will be chiefly remembered as the author of Descriptive and Practical Anatomy (the first edition of which was published in London in 1828), and as the joint editor with Erasmus Wilson of a series of Anatomical Plates (1836-'42). Dr. Quain was an able and popular lecturer, and was in private life a man of essentially gentle and retiring disposition. He died in London, 31st January 1865, aged 70. [His younger brother, Richard Quain, F.R.S., also an eminent physician, is the author of numerous medical works.]


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