James Butler 5th Earl of Ormond

Butler, James, 5th Earl of Ormond, born 24th November 1420, was almost the first after the settlement of his family in Ireland that was not left a minor on the death of his father. When young he was knighted by Henry VI. and he accompanied Richard, Duke of York, to France. In 1449 he was created Earl of Wiltshire, and was for a time Governor of Calais. In 1451 he was Lord-Deputy; and next year, upon his father's death, was appointed Lord-Lieutenant. In 1452, with other great lords, he undertook the guarding of the British seas for three years. He was present at the battle of St. Albans; at Wakefield, in conjunction with the Earl of Pembroke, he commanded one wing of the Lancastrian army; and at Mortimer's Cross, leading a body of Welsh and Irish against the Earl of March, he was defeated with heavy loss. Shortly afterwards (29th March 1461) he was taken prisoner at the battle of Towton in Yorkshire, and beheaded at Newcastle on 1st May following, aged 40. He was thrise married; his third marriage, with Eleanor, sister of the Duke of Somerset, engaging him in the Lancastrian cause.


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