George Downes

Downes, George, A.M., author, was born in South King-street, Dublin, about 1790. He was a man of great and versatile genius, exhibited chiefly in some shorter pieces of poetry, and was an accomplished scholar in the Norse languages. His numerous works of continental travel met with little acceptance from the public. In 1827 he was principal of the Literary and Agricultural Seminary, established by a committee at Fallowlee, near Londonderry. For a time he was engaged with his friend Petrie on the Ordnance Survey. He was the author of some papers read before the Royal Irish Academy. The latter part of his life was spent in Trinity College, employed upon the catalogue of the Library. He died at Dalkey, 23rd August 1846, aged 56, and was buried at Ballitore, County of Kildare.


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