Denis Daly

Daly, Denis, a member of the Irish Parliament, the intimate friend of Henry Grattan. He represented the town of Galway in 1767, and sat for the county from 1768 until his death. He was hospitable and of an amiable disposition, but his character was weakened by pride and indolence. By some he was considered superior to Flood in natural ability, though without his brilliant oratorical powers. Daly once humourously declared that the Volunteers are "ready to determine any question in the whole circle of the sciences which shall be proposed to them, and to burn any unfortunate person that doubts their infallibility." A friend to Catholic rights, he opposed general parliamentary reform. Grattan considered his death (in the autumn of 1791) an irretrievable loss to Ireland. He was a Privy-Councillor, and for some time Muster-Master General.


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