Daniel Shea

Shea, Daniel, an Oriental scholar, was born in Dublin about 1771, and was educated at Trinity College, where he became distinguished for his classical attainments. He obtained a scholarship. Several of his dearest friends were United Irishmen; and for refusing to give evidence against them, or the society of which they were members, he was expelled from College at the instance of Lord Clare. Without money or interest, he with considerable difficulty obtained employment as a tutor in England, and afterwards as a clerk in a merchant's office at Malta. There he applied himself to the study of Arabic and Persian, and upon his return to England published a translation of Mirkhond's History of the Early Kings of Persia, warmly praised both for its spirit and fidelity by some of the best Oriental scholars. At the time of his death (10th May 1836) he was engaged upon a translation of the Dabistan. "A kinder friend, a better-hearted man, never breathed. On many occasions he submitted to great personal inconvenience, that he might relieve others whose necessities he deemed greater than his own."


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