Archbishop Hugh MacCaghwell

MacCaghwell, Hugh, Archbishop of Armagh, was born about 1572, in the County of Down. He studied at Salamanca, became a Franciscan friar, and for many years governed the college of his order at Louvain, in the foundation of which he had been instrumental. Having occupied several other important positions in the Church, he was appointed Archbishop of Armagh (7th June 1626), upon the death of Peter Lombard. While making preparations to come to Ireland, he took ill, and died in the convent of Ara Coeli, at Rome, 22nd September 1626, aged 54, and was buried in the church of St. Isidore. Harris notes seven of his works, chiefly upon the life and writings of Duns Scotus, and says: "He was reckoned a man of great learning, of singular piety and humility, as well as one of the greatest among the schoolmen of his time."


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