Irish Harpers in Belfast 1792 (concluded)

“The Irish Harpers in Belfast in 1792” … concluded


From The Ulster Journal of Archaeology, Second Series, Volume 1, Number 2, 1895

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Of the other Harpers scarcely any records remain. Sir R. Stewart, indeed, tells of James Duncan that he “adopted the profession of a Harper in order to obtain funds to carry on a lawsuit in defence of his patrimony, was successful, and died in 1810 in the enjoyment of a handsome competence.”

Patrick Quinn was a native of Portadown, and was a fiddler as well as a harper. His harp, made by Cormac Kelly, and dated 1707, is said to be preserved in Castle Otway, Co. Tipperary.

The limits of this paper will not permit of following up the history of the preparation and publication of the Irish Melodies which were direct results of this famous Harpers’ meeting, and which, continued as they were with unabated energy and zeal through a long life, make the name of Edward Bunting very dear to every true Irishman.

On some future occasion a further paper may be given on these and kindred topics, reference being also made to others who have worked in the same field, such as Holden, George Petrie, &c, and a catalogue given of the various published works on the subject, as far as can be now ascertained.


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