Extraordinary Clerical Longevity (Braid-island, County Antrim)

From The Dublin Penny Journal, Volume 1, Number 28, January 5, 1833

The parish of Braid-island in the county of Antrim, which contains 5,000 acres Irish plantation measure, was the first Presbyterian parish of the Plantation in the reign of James I. which had a Presbyterian Minister. Since that period--namely, for more than two centuries--there have been but four ministers! the first was the Reverend Edward Bryce, appointed in 1611, and died in 1636 , the second, Mr. Cunningham, appointed, 1645, died, 1697; the third, Mr. Cobham, appointed 1700, died, 1759 ; and the fourth and present is Mr. Bankhead, appointed, 1763, who is ninety-four years of age and in perfect health and spirits. There is but one inhabitant of the parish who is not a Presbyterian.