Ballsbridge (Ball's-Bridge, from Thom's Almanac and Official Directory, 1862: County Dublin Directory).

BALL'S-BRIDGE, a village in St. Mary's, Donnybrook, parish, Dublin barony and county, two miles S.E. from the General Post Office, Dublin, comprising an area of 33 acres. Population, 573. It is situate on the road to Kingstown and Bray, and takes its name from a bridge which here crosses the Dodder, erected in 1791, and rebuilt in 1835. In the approach to it, on the right of the road, where several neat villas now stand, is the site of Baggot-Rath castle, occupied by the forces of the Marquess of Ormonde, in 1649, and stormed and taken by Cromwell in 1651. The botanic garden of the university is in the vicinity; also the Hammersmith iron works, established in 1834 by Mr. Turner. It is within the G.P.O. delivery; the nearest Post Office receiver is 14, Baggot-street, Upper, Dublin.

Betty, Mrs. Franklin terrace
Brunetti, Charles John, esq. Otterdam
Brunetti, Charles, jun. esq.
Brunetti, Henry, esq. Otterdam
Brunetti, Richard, esq. Otterdam
Byrne, David, provision dealer
Byrne, Hugh, car and cart maker
Byrne, Patrick, saddler and harness maker
Byrne, Patrick, painter
Camac, Wm. grocer & spirit dealer
Creighton, Mr. William J.
Darcy, James, dairy
Dedrickson, Mrs.
Donnery, Michael, provision dealer
Doyle, Esther, grocer and provision dealer
Doyle, Thos., patent malt manufacturer, Dodder bank
Dublin by Lamplight Institution--Chaplain and secretary, Rev. W. G. Carroll, 39 Up. Baggot-st.; matron, Mrs. Hanny
Finnigan, Mr. Michael
Finnigan, Philip, grocer & spirit dealer
Gaynor, Patrick, tailor
Giltrap, Mrs.
Hammersmith Iron Works--Turner and Gibson, designers and contractors of wrought-iron conservatories, roofs for railway termini, & other purposes, hot water engineers, &c.
Harty, Mrs.
Hastings, Mrs. Rock-road
Infant School--Mrs. Isabella Steele, mistress
Johnston, John, commission merchant, and agent for the Lancashire Insurance Co. and 7 & 8 Eustace-street
Johnston, Robert and Co. machine bread and biscuit bakers, Ball's-bridge mills
Johnston, Robert M. miller and baker, Ball's-bridge mills, and 45 Upper Baggot-street
Keegan, Michael, provision dealer
Kelly, John, boot and shoe maker
Lawless, Mrs. Honoria
Lennon, Christopher, grocer, spirit, and provision stores
M'Cormick, Mr. James
Malone, James, dairy
Meehan, Mark, dairy
Metropolitan Police Station
Moore, Miss Emily A. seminary
Moore, Robert, parish & vestry clerk
Moore, Rosanna, organist
Murphy, Mr. Patrick, Victoria cottage
Neill, Mrs. dairy
Paisley, Mr. Henry
Paisley, Mrs. dressmaker
Pallin, Mrs. Anne, Rock-road
Parke, Mrs. Anne
Power, Patrick, blacksmith
Pring, Mrs. Maryville
Rafferty, Thomas, baker
Ramsay, Charles, nursery and seedsman, and Waterloo-road, Upper Baggot-street
Roe, Mr. James
Steele, Mrs. infant school
St. Mary's, Donnybrook, Dispensary--Edward J. Quinan, M.D. F.R.C.S.I. attending physician, Mrs. Anne Sutton, caretaker
Tunney, Patrick, & Co. grocers & spirit merchants, and 113 Marlborough-street
Turner and Gibson, engineers, manufacturers of wrought iron bridges, roofs for railways, conservatories, hot houses, heating apparatus, &c.
Turner, Richard, engineer
Turner, William, metal founder, and Oxmantown iron works, No. 103 North King-street
University Botanic Garden--John Bain, curator
Walsh, Mrs. Ellen, grocer, spirit, and provision dealer
Ward, Mr. James
Welwood, Mrs. Sarah, Rock-road

1 Bennett, Mrs.
2 Farran, Mrs.
3 Vacant
4 Burke, William J. C.E.
5 Ashford, William, apothecary and accoucheur
6 Peare, Richard M.
7 Teare, Henry Wm. artist and Assay office, Custom house, and gold and silver modelling artist
8 Harris, Mr. Henry

Ball' s-bridge.
1 to 5 Vacant
6 Harris, Mr. Henry

1 Kingsley, Mr. John, 13l.
2 Brown, Mr. James, 12l. 10s.
,, Stephenson, Mrs. Jane, day school
3 M'Gowan, William, esq. 13l.
4 Nash, Robert Spread, esq. 13l.
5 Daly, James, Royal Engineer Department, 14l.
6 Beahan, Mr. Michael, 14l.
7 Nash, Major Charles W. 16l. 10s.
8 Vacant, 13l. 10s.
9 Verdon, Mrs. 16l.10s.
10 Ellis, James, paper stainer, 18l.
11 Frizell, Richard F. esq. 13l.
12 White, George, esq. 15l.
„ White, George John Taylor,esq.
13 Devlin, Mr. Bryan, engine driver, 15l.

1 Kearns, Patrick, vintner, 19l.
„ Harty, Mrs.
2 Rae, Mrs. 17l.
3 M'Cormick, Mr. James, 17l.
4 Creighton, John William, 17l.
5 Booth, Mr. Edward, 17l.
6 Cassidy, Mrs. 17l.
7 Roe, James, esq. 17l., 15l.
8 Russell, Mr. Henry
9 Vacant
10 Manning, Mr. William

Off Beggar's-bush-road.
Bateman, Mrs.
Boyer, Henry J. esq. Victoria house
Byrne, John, architect
Crampton, John, painter and glazier
Crampton, Miss Curtis, John, bricklayer
Doyle, Robt. grocer and tavernkeeper, London-bridge house
Doyle, Robert, stucco worker
Emerson, Miss, Alma cottage
Gaynor, Mr. William, Havelock house
Henderson, John, draper
Hoey, Michael, millwright
Hoey, Peter, millwright
Keeffe, John, clerk
Kelly, Charles, victualler
Kennedy, Francis, accountant
Kingsmill, George H. esq. Havelock cottage
Kinsella, Frances, dairy
Knight, Miss
Lidwell, Miss Frances
Loughran, John, commercial traveller
M'Evoy, Mr. John
Moffitt, James, tavern keeper, Beggar's-bush barracks, Haddington-road
O'Brien, Terence, grocer
O'Brien, Timothy, esq.
O'Driscoll, Mr. Edward
Slattery, Mr. James
Smith, Mr. William
Taggart, Mr. George
Walker, Thomas, grocer and spirit dealer
Young, Mr. Samuel

( See Haddington-road, in Street Directory.)

From Ball's-bridge to Artichoke-road.
1 Mackay, J. T. LL.D. Dawson grove, 25l.
2 M'Clintock, Mr. Richard, G.P.O. 24l.
3 Lynam, Pk. merchant & ship owner, Dawson grove 43l.
4 Lynam, Mr. Edward
Alker, Wm. Joseph, esq. Dawson grove
Graves, Captain Arthur P. Brooklawn
Kildahl, Nicholas Atkin, esq.
Murphy, Mr. Patrick, Victoria cottage
Parkes, Mrs. Anne, Maryville
Pring, Elijah, esq. Maryvilla
Smith, Charles W. esq.
Trinity College Botanic Gardens--John Bain, curator, Pembroke villa

Off Bath-avenue.
P. St. Mary, Donnybrook.
1 Kenny, Eyre E. C. esq. 18l.
2 Vacant, 18l.
3 M'Carthy, Benjamin, clothier, 18l.
4 Boyle, Captain Peter
5 Murphy, Walter, quartermaster, Dublin Artillery

1 Betty, Mrs.
2 Devlin, Hugh, esq.

1 Rafferty, Mr. Thomas 10l.
2 Pasley, Mary A. dressmaker, 9l.
3 and 4 Vacant, 9l., 12l.

Beggar's Bush.
Byrne, Michael, dairy
Doyle, Thomas, maltster, Dodder-bank mills, Sth. Gloucester-street

Pembroke or Blackrock road.
1 Farrell, W. R. architect & C.E. 24l.
,,Farrell, Messrs. Isaac, & Wm. R. and 25 Lincoln-place
2 Biggs, The Misses, 30l.
3 Stoney, Isaac, esq. 30l.
,, Stoney, J. Henry L. M.D. L.R.C.S.I.
4 Hitchcock, George R. esq. Valuation office, 14l.
,, Thomas, Mrs.
5 Shine, Henry, esq. 11l. 10s.
6 M'Dermott, Mr. Charles, 11l. 10s.
7 Taylor, Henry, esq.
8 and 9 Tenements
10 Byrne, Hugh, car and cartmkr. 13l.
11 Gaynor, Patrick, tailor and draper
12 Camac, William, grocer, &c. 14l.

Bath Avenue.
1 Farrelly, Mrs. 16l.
2 Kenshaw, Miss, 22l.
3 Jackson, Mr. Matthew, 22l

Mountain-view Cottages.
Dodder Bank, Ball's-bridge.

1 Morton, John, esq.
2 Frood, John, esq.
3 Graham, John, esq.
4 Scott, Mr. John

Pembroke Park, Beggar's-bush.
Barter, J. F. surgeon
Bain, John, curator College Botanic Gardens
Lyndon, Patrick, solicitor
Hagan, Mr. Michael
Harnett, Mr. James
Pring, Edward L. esq. Pembroke cot.

1 Allman, Mrs. Julia, 22l.
2 Deane, Robert, clerk, 19l.
3 Bevan, Thomas, solicitor, 19l.
4 Cashel, Mrs. 19l.
,, Cashel, Benjamin, esq.
,, Cashel, Douglas, esq.
5 Colles, Edw. Richards Purefoy, barrister, 19l.
,, Colles, Goddard Richard P. A.B.
,, Colles, J. A. Purefoy, M.D. surgeon
6 Delany, Mr. Richard, 19l.

1 Cross, William, esq.
2 Thompson, John, esq.
3 Scott, Benjamin, esq.
4 Evans, William B. esq.
5 Vacant

Bridgford, Thomas and Son, nursery, seedsmen, & florists, and 48 Lower Sackville-street
Eakens, Andrew, esq.
Jones, John, tea merchant, and 67 Abbey-street

1 Davis, James, grocer, 14l.

Vavasour-square, East.
Off Bath-avenue.
1 De Burgh, Mrs. 10l.
2 Ryan, John B. esq. 10l
3 Nugent, Mr. John, 10l.
4 Williams, Mr. Frederick, 10l
5 Lawless, Mr. Richard, 10l
6 Fox, Mrs. Catherine, 10l.
7 Waring, John, clerk, 10l.
8 Ronsillon, Mr. Alfred, 10l.
9 Coppinger, Captain, 10l
10 Chambers, Mr. James, 10l.
11 Nagle, Mr. William F. 10l.
12 Hamilton, Mrs. Kate, 13l.
13 Smith, Mrs. Eliza, 13l. 10s.
14 Mathews, William, esq. 15l. 10s.

Vavasour-square, North.
1 Crinion, Mr. J. 11l.
2 Love, Robert, bottier francais, 10l.
,, Denempont, Mons. Chs. chiropodist
3 Taylor, Mrs.

Vavasour-square, West.
1 Daunt, Mr. Francis, 12l.
2 Dykes, William, dentist, 12l.
3 M'Guinness, Mr, William, 12l.
4 Nye, George Frederick, chromo-lithographic artist, 12l.
5 Doolan, Mrs, Jane, 12l.
6 Luggar, Richd. comercl. travel. 12l.
7 Wilson, Mrs. 11l. 10s.
8 Dickenson, Edward, commission agent, 11l. 10s.
9 Shaw, Mr. John, 13l. 10s.

1 O'Neill, Henry, artist
2 Fallon, Thomas, esq.
3 Vacant
4 Langley, Edmond J. esq.

1 Archer, Mr. Joseph, 13l.
2 Ward, Mr. John, 13l.
3 Talbot, Pierce B. esq. 13l.
4 Vacant