Dromore, County Tyrone

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Agricultural village.
Market day—Monday.
Fair 17th of each month.


Telegraph and Money Order Office and Savings' Bank
—Mrs. S. M'Cusker, Postmistress.
There are two arrivals and despatches daily
Royal Irish Constabulary—Charles Connolly, sergeant
Great Northern Railway Station (1 ½ miles distant), Dromore road—A. M'Feeters, stationmaster
Dispensary Medical Officer—James Hamilton
Ulster Bank, Ltd.—Arthur Gordon, manager
Dromore Co-operative Agricultural and Dairy Society, Ltd.—John H. Alexander, secretary; Ed. Semple, manager
Rakeeranbeg Co-operative Agricultural and Dairy Society, Ltd. (auxiliary)—J. H. Alexander, secretary; Thomas Crawford, manager
Shaneragh Co-operative Agricultural and Dairy Society, Ltd.—James Whaley, secretary; Charles M'Carthy, manager


Dromore Parish Church—Rev. John A. Davis, A.B., rector
Dromore Presbyterian Church—Rev. Wm. M'Connell
Methodist Church—Rev. W. Moore, minister
Roman Catholic Church—Very Rev. Monsignor M'Kenna, P.P.; Rev. John Keelan, C.C., and Rev. Dan Meenan.


No. 1 N.S.—Male, H. P. Donnelly, teacher: female, B. M'Manus, teacher; M. K. M'Laughlin, mistress
No. 2 N.S.—James M'Hugh, teacher


J. B. Alexander, Esq.; S. Alcorn, Esq.; Wm. Buchanan, Esq.; Francis Campbell, Esq.; George Doherty, Esq.; Frederick A. Guy, Esq.; Capt. Gosselin, R.M.; Major Robert S. Hamilton; George Leonard, Esq.; Owen Montague, Esq.; John M'Nulty, Esq.; Chas. Owens, Esq.; Alexander H. R. Sproule, Esq.
Petty Sessions are held on the first Wednesday of each month at eleven o'clock a.m.—J. H. Alexander, clerk; William Marshall, summons server


Alexander Brothers, auctioneers
Alexander, George L., farmer, Killdrum
Alexander, J. H., petty sessions clerk and insurance agent
Alexander, Robert H., farmer, Cully
Andrews, Thomas, farmer, Mullaghbane
Armstrong, William, farmer, Cornamuckla
Baxter, Mary, publican and carowner
Blaney, David, farmer, Oughterard
Bond, Thomas, farmer, Drumskinny
Boyd, John, farmer, Derrynaseer
Bradley, George, farmer, Mullaghbane
Bradley, James, farmer, Straduff
Browne, Irvine, farmer, Aughnamoe
Buchanan, Geo., farmer, Aughadulla Harper
Buchanan, William, J.P., farmer, Aughlish
Campbell, Daniel, farmer, Kildrum
Campbell, John, grocer, draper, auctioneer, butter, poultry and egg merchant
Charleton, Robert, farmer, Knockaraven
Charlton, William, farmer, Killdrum
Colgan, Charles, shoemaker
Connolly, Francis, tailor
Corry, T., schoolteacher, Drumlish
Cory, Thomas, farmer, Shanreagh
Cox, Michael, farmer, Rathkeeraubeg
Craigmiles, James, farmer, Aughnamoe
Crawford, Thomas, farmer, Gardrum
Crawford, William L., merchant
Crosbie, William, publican
Cunningham, Nathaniel, farmer, Galbally
Cunningham, Andrew, farmer, Drumskinny
Cunningham, James, farmer, Drumskinny
Curran, Daniel, shoemaker
Curran, James, R.D.C., Dullaghan
Curren, Patrick, letter carrier
Curry, William, farmer, Mullinboy
Davis, Rev. J. A., Shanmullagh Glebe
Deazley, James, farmer, Drumallard
Deazley, William, farmer, Drumskinny
Devine, Michael, tailor
Doak, David, farmer, Derrynaseer
Doherty, George J., J.P., grocer
Donnelly, Paul, farmer, Corladergan
Dugan, Patrick, saddler
Duncan, E., grocer
Ed gar, David, farmer, Mullaghbane
Edgar, Samuel, farmer, Aughadulla Harper
Elkin, Robert, farmer, Esker
Elliott, Andrew, farmer, Meenagown
Farrell, Thomas, farmer, Cornamuck
Flynn, C., lodging-house keeper
Fyffe, John J., farmer, Shaneragh
Gallagher, E., grocer
Gallagher, Francis
Gallagher, John, Corraheskin
Gallagher, Patrick, tailor
Gallagher, Peter, draper
Gallagher, schoolteacher, Letteree
Gilmore, James, farmer, Curly
Gilmore, James, farmer, Knockaraven
Gilmour, Alex., farmer, Drumconnis
Gilmour, John, carpenter
Gilmour, Joseph, grocer, ironmonger, and timber merchant
Gilmour, Robert W., farmer, Knockaraven
Goodwin, Thomas, farmer, Drumallard
Gordon, Arthur, bank manager
Graham, James, farmer, Rahoney
Gury, Andrew, farmer, Rahoney
Guy, Hugh, draper and ironmonger
Guy, James, farmer, Aughadulla Harper
Guy, Robert, farmer, Tattycor
Guy, William, farmer, Aughadarra
Hackett, James, poulterer
Hamilton, Charles, farmer, Drumskinny
Hamilton, John, M.D.
Hamilton, Robert, farmer, Drumallard
Hamilton, R. S., J.P., Lakemount, Aughnamoe
Henderson, Matthew, farmer, Aghee
Hughes, John, butcher
Hunter, Wm., farmer, Aughadulla Harper
Kearns, Michael, publican and grocer
Lendrum, Andrew, farmer, Rathkeeraubeg
Lyttle, Robert, farmer, Cornamuckla
Marshall, John, farmer, Mullinboy
Meenan, Kate, grocer, hotel keeper, butter and egg merchant
Monaghan, Jane, grocer and publican
Montague, Andrew, draper
Moore, John Guy, farmer, Rahoney
Moran, Thomas, clothier
Muldoon, Patrick, farmer, Polfore
Murphy, N., constable R.I.C.
M'Aleer, Daniel, farmer, Camderry
M'Breorty, John, postman
M'Bride, James, farmer, Curly
M'Cann, Hugh, grocer and hotel keeper
M'Cann, M., poulterer
M'Cann, Patrick, publican
M'Cann, William, poulterer
M'Carron, Daniel, farmer, Cranny
M'Caughey, John, farmer, Polefore
M'Cay, Alex., cooper
M'Claren, David, farmer, Dressogue
M'Clarnon, Wm., farmer, Shanreagh
M'Connell, Robert, blacksmith
M'Connell, S., lodging-house keeper
M'Connell, William, poulterer
M'Cormick, Christopher, carowner
M'Cormick, Patrick, farmer, Drumconnis
M'Court, Joseph, postman
M'Cusker, Daniel, farmer, Keeldrum
M'Cusker, Hugh, butter and egg merchant
M'Cusker, Hugh, farmer, Corladergan
M'Cusker, John, carpenter
M'Cusker, S., grocer
M'Dermott, Patrick, grocer and hotel keeper
M'Donnell, Mrs., farmer, Straduff
M'Elhill, John, farmer, Drumconnis
M'Gee, John, carowner
M'Ghee, Charles, constable
M'Govern, M., dressmaker
M'Grath, .Michael, farmer, Drumallard
M'Guigan, James, schoolteacher, Ederney hill
M'Guigan, Patrick, clothes dealer
M'Guiggan, Patrick, farmer, Tattycor
M'Guire, Charles
M'Guire, M., draper and dressmaker
M'Hugh, John, farmer, Galan
M'Kinney, James, farmer, Westview, Cornamuckla
M'Laughlin, C, grocer
M'Laughlin, George, egg and poultry merchant
M'Laughlin, George, farmer, Gardrum
M'Laughlin, John, farmer, Mullaghbane
M'Laughlin, John, farmer, Esker
M'Laughlin, Patrick, farmer, Magheragart
M'Loughlin, S., dressmaker and milliner
M'Menamin, Daniel, farmer, Mullinboy
M'Menamin, Joseph, carpenter
M'Menamin, Joseph, grocer
M'Mullan, Charles, merchant, Mullaghbane
M'Mullan, William, farmer, Mullaghbane
M'Nulty, Charles, farmer, Longhill
M'Nulty, J., J.P., butter merchant
M'Nulty, John, J.P., farmer, Knockaraven
M'Nulty, Michael, grocer
M'Pike, R., grocer
M'Quaid, C, grocer and publican
M'Quaid, Francis, carpenter
M'Quaid, Michael, farmer, Knocknahorn
M'Quaid, Patrick, schoolteacher, Aughnamoe
M'Sorley, Thomas, farmer, Cranny
M'Vey, A., lodging-house keeper
M'Vey, M., publican
M'Williams, John, farmer, Lisenaden
O'Brien, Francis, poulterer
O'Brien, James, poulterer
O'Doherty, Daniel, grocer, butter and egg merchant
O'Gorman, H., newsagent and leather merchant
O'Gorman, J., grocer and publican
O'Kane, Michael, farmer, Corraheskin
O'Neill, Hugh, butcher
O'Neill, Michael, blacksmith
O'Reilly, Patrick, publican
Owens, Francis, farmer, Corladergan
Patterson, Alexander, farmer, Knockaraven
Patterson, James, farmer, Aughnamoe
Patton, Andrew, farmer, Lisenaden
Porter, Robert, farmer, Aughadarra
Quinn, Henry, farmer, Keeldrum
Rea, Joseph, lodging-house keeper
Scott, Joseph, farmer, Curly
Scott, M., newsagent
Semple, P., grocer, ironmonger, newsagent and boot dealer
Slevin, Daniel, farmer, Cranny
Slevin, Daniel, fanner, Polefore
Slevin, H., builder and contractor
Slevin, Joseph, farmer, Corladergan
Slevin, William, farmer, Outerard
Smith, R., dressmaker and milliner
Smyth, John, farmer, Drumskinny
Smyth, John, farmer, Rathkeeraubeg
Smyth, Nicholas, farmer, Lisenaden
Smyth, William, farmer, Drumskinny
Smyth, William, farmer, Cornamuckla
Smyth, Wilson, farmer, Drumallard
Sproule, Oliver, farmer, Aghee
Stephenson, Joseph, farmer, Mullinboy
Stewart, Joseph, farmer, Camderry
Stubbs, Robert, farmer, Mullaghbane
Teague, Andrew, draper
Thompson, William, farmer, Shaneragh
Todd, Henry, farmer, Aughadulla Harper
Todd, William, farmer, Fairyhill
Trainor, John, farmer, Shaneragh
Traynor, Daniel, tailor
Vance, Gerald, farmer, Knockaraven
Walker, King, farmer, Polefore
Wallace, James, farmer, Aughadarra
Wallace, Thomas, farmer, Aughadarra
Weir Brothers, contractors and joiners
Weir, John, farmer
Wiley, Robert, farmer, Drumskinny
Wilson, Robert, farmer, Shaneragh
Whaley, James, farmer, Shaneragh
Wylie, Charles, farmer, Drumskinny
Wylie, John, farmer, Drumskinny


Andrews, David, Cornamuckle
Andrews, William, Tattyreagh
Armstrong, James, Tattycor
Armstrong, Thomas, Magheragurt Donnell
Armstrong, John, Rahoney
Bucanan, Francis C, Baronagh
Caldwell, James, New park
Campbell, John, Corbally
Charlton, William, Aughadarragh
Chittick, Henry, Aghadulla
Chittick, Samuel, Knockaraven
Colgan, John, jun., Rahoney
Corry, William, Mullanboy
Crawford, James, Gurdrum
Deazley, Charles, Shanmullagh
Deazley, James, Drumallard
Devlin, Robert, Drumderg
Donnelly, Daniel, Corbally
Donnelly, James, jun., New park
Doogan, Robert J., Tullyclunagh
Doogan, Wilson, Lisenaden
Edgar, Archibald, Aghadulla
Edgar, Foster, Mullaghbane
Edgar, Joseph, Aghadulla Harper
Eikin, William T., Esker
Elliott, Alexander, Meenagowan
Evans, Johnston, Corbally
Ferguson, Thomas, farmer and cattle dealer, Lettergesh
Gallagher, William, Drumallard
Gibson, James, Oughterard
Gilmour, William, Polfore
Good, David, Magheragurt
Goodwin, Thomas, Tattycor
Gorman, Michael, Magheragurt
Gorman, Patrick, Magheragurt
Guy, Matthew, Tattysallagh
Guy, Matthew, Rahoney
Guy, William, sen., Cornmucklagh
Hall, John, Corbally
Hamilton, Charles, Greenan
Hamilton, Charles M., Golan
Hamilton, James Taylor, Rahoney
Hannigan, Domnick, Aghee
Henderson, Matthew, Aghee
Henry, James, Tullyclunagh
Irvine, John, Drumderg
Keown, John, Aughlish
Kerr, Robert T., Rahoney
Little, Hugh, Cornamuckle
Livingstone, George, Mullaghbane
Malaghan, Francis, Drumderg Glebe
Malaghan, James, Drumderg Glebe
Marshall, George, Greenan
Marshall, Robert, Greenan
Montague, Daniel, Knocknahorn
Muldoon, J., Magheragart Sessiagh
Muldoon, Alexander, Esker
M'Aleer, George, Magheragart
M'Aleer, Patrick, Oughterard
M'Anulty, Charles, Longhill
M'Canny, Francis, Oughterard
M'Farland, James, Drumberg glebe
M'Farland, Robert, Rahoney
M'Grath, Michael, Magheragart Donnell
M'Grath, Bernard, Magheragart Sessiah
M'Guigan, Bernard, Oughterard
M'Guigan, Michael, Tattycor
M'Guigan, Terence, Tattycor
M'Guigan, Thomas, Knocknahorn
M'Guire, Arthur, Oughterard
M'Kinley, Henry, Shamullagh glebe
M'Kiney, Alexander, Coyagh glebe
M'Kinney, John, Aughnamoe
M'Kinney, James, Cornamuckle
M'Kinney, Alexander, Tattycor
M'Knight, John, Mullaghbane
M'Laughlin, Henry, Mullnagoagh
M'Laughlin, Hugh, Aghlish
M'Laughlin, Patrick, Mullaghbane
M'Mahon, John, Drumderg
M'Menamin, Daniel, Mullanboy
M'Menamin, James (Bernard), Aghlish
M'Mullan, William, Mullaghbane
M'Nabb, Patrick, Rahony
M'Nena, Owen, Magheragart
M'Quade, Michael (Pat), Knocknahorn
M'Quade, Owen, Drumderg
M'Quade, Terence, Knocknahorn
Nethery, Wm. S., Magheragart Donnell
O'Donnell, James, Oughterard
O'Neill, Hugh, Aghe
O'Reilly, Patrick, Polfore
Patton, John M., Cornamuckle
Porter, Robert, Aghadarragh
Slevin, Daniel, schoolteacher, Cranny
Slevin, James, Polfore
Slevlin, Daniel, Corlaghdergan
Smith, John, Rahony
Smith, Nicholas, Lisaneden
Smith, Samuel, Tullyclunagh
Smith, Wilson, Magheragart Donnell
Smith, William, Cornamuckle
Stephenson, Joseph, Mullanboy
Stewart, Andrew, Coyagh glebe
Stewart, Jason, Oughterard
Stewart, William, Drumshiel
Stewart, William, Knocknahorn
Stubbs, Matthew, Mullaghbane
Teague, Denis, Knocknahorn
Teague, James, Rahony
Teague, John, Tullyclunagh
Teague, Michael, Letteree
Teague, Patrick, Rakeeranbeg
Thompson, George, New park
Warnock, J., Ashbrook

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