Carrickfergus, County Antrim

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Adamson, George, dairy, Irish Quarter West
Agnew, Samuel, farmer, Kilroot
Albert Brick Works, Irish Quarter west
Albert Hall and National Schools, Albert road
Alexander, Robert, clerk, Albert road
Alexander, Henry W., confectioner, North street
Allan, R. M., cashier Northern Bank, Joymount
Allen, James, seaman, Albert road
Allen, James, general dealer, Irish Quarter West
Allen, Joseph, salt refiner, Davys street
Allen, James, salt miner, Davys street
Allen, Ezekiel, rivetter, Cheston street
Allen, Henry, labourer, Agnes street
Allen, Samuel, coal filler, Essex street
Allen, Robert, sailor and boatman, Irish Quarter South
Allen, John, fireman, Unity street
Allcock, Mortimer, joiner, Unity street
Anderson, James, carpenter, Albert road
Armstrong, Sarah, publican, Irish Quarter South
Armstrong, John, Woodburn
Arthurs, Annie, Lancasterian street
Atkinson, James, salt miner, Market place
Apsley, William, blacksmith, Irish Quarter South
Apsley, Andrew, farmer, Glynpark
Apsley, Robert, farmer, Duncrue

Bailie, John, Albert road
Bailie, J. B., N.S. teacher, Scotch Quarter
Bailey, Jonathan, farmer, Kilroot
Bailey, Thomas, farmer, Middle Division
Baptist Chapel, Albert road
Bawn. Cornelius, seaman, Minorca place
Ballantyne, John, Joymount
Bamford, William, Fairymount
Barclay, Archibald, carpenter, Unity street
Barr, Samuel, Belfast road
Barron, John, farmer, Loughmorne
Barron, W. H., farmer, Loughmorne
Barry, Mrs., boarding house, Unity street
Baxter, Mrs., shirt maker, Market place
Beattie, Mrs., confectioner, Castle street
Beattie, Alexander, assurance agent, Scotch Quarter
Beattie, W. J., clerk, Fairymount
Beattie, Wm., engine cleaner, Agnes street
Beattie, Samuel, Taylor's row
Beattie, Thomas, mechanic, Green street
Beggs, Mrs., Joymount
Beggs, John, farmer, Belfast road
Beggs, W. J., clerk, Bayridge
Belch, Samuel, labourer, Irish Quarter south
BELL, JAMES, Printer, Stationer, and Newsagent and Circulating Library, Glass, China, Earthenware, and Fancy Goods; Telephone Call Office, High Street and North Street
Bell, D. S., printer and journalist, High st.
Bell, Mrs., dairy, Prospect street
BELL, MRS. D., Confectioner, Fruit and Fish Shop, Market Place
Bell, Samuel, S.S. captain, Albert road
Bell, Mrs., Davys street
Bell, Mrs., Taylor's row
Bell, Mrs., Taylor's row
Bell, James, mechanic, Joymount
Bellshaw, John, seaman, Irish Quarter south
Bennett, Rev. J. H., Kilroot house
Benson, Robert, railway porter, Taylor's row
Bingham, William, ordnance department, Schomberg street
Black, David, millinery, Arcade, Victoria square
Black, Samuel, Second Presbyterian Church sexton, Robinson's row
Black, George, s.s. captain, Albert road
Blackburne, H., solicitor, High street
Blackburne, Victor, solicitor, High street
Blackwood, Robert, carter, Cheston street
Blair, Thomas, bundler, Taylor's row
Blaney, Miss, Lancasterian street
Bowman, Daniel, J.P., High street
Bowman, Daniel, tailor, draper and druggist, West street
Boyd, Hugh, hacklesetter, M'Keen's row
Boyd, Mrs., dressmaker, West street
Boyd, Andrew, labourer, Ellis street
Boyd, Miss, Unity street
Boyd, James, town clerk, petty sessions clerk, Town Hall
Boyd, James, Joymount
Boyd, Thomas, carpenter, Irish Quarter West
Boyd, William, shipcarpenter, Unity street
Boyd, David, carpenter, Unity street
Boyd, Mrs., Belfast road
Boylan, John, Imperial Hotel, High street
Bradford, Robert, labourer, Davys street
Bradley, Rev., St. Nicholas curate, Greenholme
Brennan, John, confectioner, Irish Quarter South
Brennan, John, hairdresser, Irish Quarter West
Brennan, Mrs., Davys street
Brennan, Mrs., Irish Quarter West
Brennan, Thomas, Taylor's row
Brown, Joseph, pensioner, Castle street
Brown, Wm., S.S. captain, Albert road
Brown, Mrs., Copeland terrace, North road
Bryans, Thomas, caulker, Unity street
Bryans, Thomas, gardener, Irish Quarter South
Bryson, James, farmer, Scoutbush
Bryson, Thomas, farmer, Greenisland
Bunting, John, hairdresser, North street
Burgess, Mrs., Agnes street
Burgess, retired Sergeant-Major, R.G.A., Irish Quarter West
Burgess, Jabez, engineer, Unity street
Burns, Miss, Taylor's row
Busby, Mrs., publican, Eden
Butcher, William, signalman, Prospect street
Butler, Patrick, Ord. Dep., Albert road
Byrtt, W., boot and shoe maker, North st.

Cahoon, William, fowl dealer, Irish Quarter South
CAMBRIDGE & COMPANY, General Grocers, Wholesale Gunpowder and Small Arm Merchants, Registered Druggists, House Furnishers, Ironmongers, Slates, Tiles, Fireclay, Cement, Timber, and Iron Stores, Glass, Paint, Paper & Petrol, High St.
Cambridge, Robert, manager Cambridge & Co., High street
Cambridge, T. R., High street
Cambridge, Mrs., Victoria street
Cambridge, W., shoemaker, Warwick's row
CAMERON, J. & G., Grocers, Jam Manufacturers, Midland Steam Bakery, Flour, Meal, and Seed Merchants,North Street
Cameron, John, Belmont, North road
Cameron, Gibson, Albert road
Cameron, Mrs., Irish Quarter South
Campbell, Robert, manager Gas Co., Irish Quarter South
Campbell, John, manager, Albert Brick
Works, Irish Quarter West
Campbell, James, shoemaker, Davys street
Campbell, James, plasterer, Albert road
Campbell, W. E., carpenter, Albert road
Campbell, Edward, N.S. teacher, Albert rd
Campbell, William, hairdresser, North street
Carey, W. T., traveller Salt Union, Ltd., Governor's place
Carey, Anthony, Meadowbank
Carey, Douglas, Trooper's lane
Carlisle, James, labourer, Ellis street
Carnaghan, Mrs., Joymount
Carnaghan, Miss, principal Eden N.S., Joymount
Carrickfergus Salt Works Co., Ltd., Minorca
Carrickfergus Midland Railway Station, Victoria street
Carrickfergus Amateur Rowing Club, East Pier
Carrickfergus Orange Hall, Lancasterian st.
Carrickfergus Amateur Flute Band, St. Bride's street
Carrickfergus Brass Band, I.O.G.T. Hall, Irish Quarter West
Carroll, Edward, seaman, Lancasterian street
Carroll, Edward, labourer, Governor's place
Carson, James, confectioner and grocer, Irish Quarter West
Carson, James, carpenter, Warwick row
Carson, Miss, Irish Quarter South
Carson, Mrs., Irish Quarter South
Carruth, Walter, J.P., contractor & builder, Irish Quarter West
Caters, Ezekiel, builder and contractor, Irish Quarter West
Catherwood, Misses, Joymount
Cathcart, Rev., Methodist Manse, Scotch Quarter
Caughey, William, seaman, Schomberg street
Chamberlain, Rev. George, M.A., The Rectory
Chapman, Mrs., Davys street
Christie, Ludwig, labourer, North road
Clawson, W. J., tailor, Albert road
Close, S. P., architect, Eden road
Close, Mrs., Thomas street
Close, John, bricklayer, Albert road
Close, Miss, Shiels' buildings
Close, John, spinning master, Unity street
Close, Joseph, seaman, Green street
Close, Alexander, labourer, Green street
Clugston, John, land steward, Bellahill
Clyde, William, mechanic and confectioner, Irish Quarter West
Coastguard Station, Belfast road
Coates, F., Glynpark
Cochrane, James, traveller M'Farlane & Lang, Sunnyside
Connor, Alex., painter, Minorca
Connor, James, breadserver, Victoria street
Connor, John, breadserver, Thomas street
Connor, Samuel, breadserver, Thomas st.
Connor, Alex., farmer, Duncrue
Conway, Patrick, clothier, boot and shoe warehouse, West street
Conway, Peter, pawnbroker, West street
Cooper, Richard, general draper, Irish Quarter West
Cooper, John, salt miner, Minorca
County Down Weaving Factory, Woodburn
Cowan, Thomas, mechanic, Scotch Quarter
Cowden, Charles, carpenter, Agnes street
Clarke, Dr. James, High street
Craig T, C., Greenholme
Craig David, farmer, Glenfield
Craig J. B., clerk, Irish Quarter South
Craig Mrs., Unity street
Craig Mrs., Unity street
Craig Wm., railway carter, Cheston street
Crandles, William, labourer, Minorca
Crawford, Miss, boarding house, Scotch Quarter
Crawford, Mrs., boarding house, Albert rd.
Crawford, Robert, cook Barn Mills, Agnes street
Crawley, Robert, sailor, Irish Quarter South
Crawley, Jane, confectioner, Irish Quarter South
Creighton, Thomas, carpenter, Warwick's row
Creighton, John, salt refiner, Minorca
Creighton, David, Gate House, Oakfield
Cross, John, grocer, Green street
Crossan, John, publican, Irish Quarter South
Crowe, Mrs., publican, Joymount
Crowe, Benjamin, farmer, Cloughey
Cunningham, Miss, boarding house, Joymount
Cunningham, Miss, clerk Eason & Son's Bookstall, Station
Curran, George, enginedriver, Ellis street
Curran, William, labourer, Albert road
Curran, David, carpenter, Green street
Curry, William, confectioner, West street
Curry, William, painter, Victoria street
Curry, Alexander, clerk, Warwick's row
Curry, Alan, railway porter, provision shop, West street
Curry, Robert, carpenter, Irish Quarter West
Cuthbert, Rev. A., M.A., Rocklands, Belfast road

Dale, Joseph, flaxdresser, Fairymount
Dale, Joseph, sen., flaxdresser, Green street
Daley, James, labourer, Essex street
Dalton, David, labourer, Warwick's row
Darragh, Thomas, publican, North street
Darragh, Robert, railway inspector, Copeland terrace
Dashwood, E. S., electrical engineer, Green Edge, Scotch Quarter
Davey, Robert, grocer and hardware merchant, Green street
Davey, Robert, Greenholme
Davey, W. H., barrister, Greenholme
Davey, Samuel, fisherman, Scotch Quarter
Davey, John, fisherman, Agnes street
Davey, John, tailor, Scotch Quarter
Davey, Edward, Victoria Hotel, High street
Davey, Allan, grocer, North street
Davey, James, rivetter, St. Bride's street
Davey, Miss, boarding house, St. Bride's street
Davidson, William, flaxdresser, Green street
Davison, Samuel, labourer, Scotch Quarter
Davison, William, grocer, Ellis street
Davison, James, sorter, Green street
Davison, W. J., rougher, Green street
Davison, Miss, Green street
Davison, Miss, Green street
Davison, Mrs., Irish Quarter South
Davison, Samuel, railway watchman, North street
Davis, G., commander R.N., Meadowbank house
Dean, John, plasterer, Irish Quarter West
Deane, Joseph, plasterer, Joymount
Deane, Phillip, plasterer, High street
Deane, Francis, clerk, Albert road
Deane, Mrs., dressmaker, Albert road
Deignan, P., labourer, Irish Quarter West
Dennison, George, turner, Green street
Deveney, Alexander, farmer, Kilroot
Dick, Fred,, labourer, Davys street
Dickson, Mrs., Scotch Quarter
Dickson, Patrick, labourer, Green street
Dobbs, Archibald E., Castle Dobbs, Larne road
Dobbin, John, oiler, Taylor's row
Donaghy, William, Unity street
Donald, Mrs., music teacher, Victoria street
Donald, James, carpenter, Taylors' row
Donald, Mrs., Irish Quarter West
Donald, Robert, farmer, Red Brae
Donald, Robert, S.S. captain, Green street
Donaldson, Alexander, farmer, Boneybefore
Dorman, Mrs., Warwick's row
Douglas, Rev. H. M'C., Woodburn Manse, Woodburn road
Douglas, Hugh, publican, Eden; Larne road
Douglas, Joseph, druggist, Eden, Larne road
Douglas, Bryce, rural postman, Warwick's row
Dougherty, Mrs., Davys street
Downey, J., farmer, Kilroot
Downey, Archibald, platelayer, Schomberg street
Downey, Archibald, railway surfaceman, Ellis street
Duff, John, hawker, Lancasterian street
Duff, John, fruiterer and fishmonger, Market place
Duffin, Mrs., Irish Quarter South
Duncan, Thomas, painter, North street

Eakin, Rev. R. H., Aldoo Presbyterian Church; res., Albert road
Eason & Son, Ltd., bookstall, Railway Station, Victoria street
Edmonds, Mrs., grocer, Scotch quarter
Elliott, George, Sullatober house, North road
Ellison, Robert, timekeeper, Lancasterian st.
English, David, rivetter, North road
English, John, carpenter, Belfast road
Erskine, Mrs., Green street
Evans, Hugh, accountant, Rhanbuoy park
Evans, Patrick, farmer, Slate house
Evans, W. J., publican, North street
Evans, William, beetler, M'Keen's row

Featherstonhaugh, A., Copeland terrace
Feeney, Samuel, seaman, Green street
Feeney, Thomas, sanitary and school attendance officer, Castle street
Ferguson, Mrs., Irish quarter South
Ferguson, Miss, N.S. assistant, Irish quarter South
Ferguson, Mrs., Governor's place
Ferry, James, publican, North street
Ferry, James, Albert road
Fisken, Alex., Bayview, Greenisland
Fire Brigade Station, North street
Flanagan, Charles, seaman, Agnes street
Flanagan, Mrs., laundry, Albert road
Fleming, Mrs., Unity street
Fleming, Fred. A., watchmaker and jeweller, West street
Forbes, Alexander, Copeland terrace, North road
Forbes, R. B., & Co., estate agents, surveyors' valuers and auctioneers, Clover hill, Belfast road
Forsythe, R., Downshire park, Eden road
Forsyth, Andrew, sergeant-major R.G.A., Castle street
Fox, Patrick, fireman, Irish Quarter West
Frazer, Mrs., confectioner and tobacconist, North street

Galway, Miss, Argyle boarding house, Scotch quarter
Gardiner, Mrs., boarding house, Lancasterian street
Gardner, William, publican, Ellis street
Gardner, Samuel, cloth passer, Ellis street
Garner, bandmaster R.G.A., Victoria street
Gas Company, Limited—Robert Campbell, manager, Irish quarter West
Gaston, Mrs., dairy, Davys street
Gaston, John, guard, Thomas street
Gault, J., Duncrue
Gault, Joseph, clerk, Joymount
Gee, Edward, boarding house, Scotch quarter
Geddis, George, shoemaker, Agnes street
George, Miss, Victoria street
Giffin, David, St. Bride's, North road
Gillen, Patrick, signalman, Prospect street
Gillespie, Mrs., Copeland terrace, North rd.
Gillespie, David, house agent, Albert road
Gillespie, Miss, Taylor's row
Girvan, Andrew, tailor, Albert road
Girvan, Johnston, watchmaker, Albert road
Girvan & M'Intosh, merchant tailors, High street
Girvan, David, farmer, Upper Woodburn
Girvan, John, farmer, Upper Woodburn
Gorman, J. C., Castle street
GORMAN, WILLIAM, J.P., Castle Street
GORMAN, WILLIAM, & SON, Grocers and Hardware Merchants, Market Place
GORMAN, WILLIAM, & SON, Timber and Oil Stores, Castle Street
GORMAN, WILLIAM, & SON, Tile, Slate and Cement, Cheston Street
Gorman, John P., Culnathrain, Eden road
Gorman, John, Seaburn, Eden road
Gorman, Thomas, Ardnamara, Eden road
Gorman, Misses, dressmakers, Scotch quarter
Gorman, Richard, merchant tailor, High st
Gorman, Mrs. Richard, dressmaker, High street
Gorman, G., lieutenant R.G.A., Marine ter., Belfast road
Gorman, Samuel, carpenter, Agnes street
Goldsworthy, John, bricklayer, Irish quarter South
Goldsworthy, Henry, clerk, Albert road
Gourley, William, watchman, Minorca
Gourley, Hugh, salt miner, Lancasterian street
Gourley, Miss, caretaker St. Nicholas' Schools, Lancasterian street
Graham, James, watchmaker and jeweller, sewing and knitting depot, Market place
Graham, John, watchmaker and jeweller, Joymount
Graham, James, watchmaker and jeweller, Joymount
Graham, Isaac, manager Northern Bank, High street
Graham, John, farmer, Duncrue
Grant, Mrs., publican, Upper Woodburn
Green, William, coachman, Ellis street
Greene, J. K., Downshire park, Eden road
Greenlees, Miss, Irish quarter South
Greer, Mrs., Seapark, Belfast road

Hagan, Miss, manageress Y.M.C.A., Market place
Haggan, John, butcher, West street
Hamilton, Mrs., Irish quarter West
Hamilton, R. J., Joymount
Hamilton, Thomas, clerk, Joymount
Hamilton, Miss, Robinson's row
Hamilton, Robert, salt filler, Irish quarter West
Hamilton, Mrs., West street
Hamilton, Robert, labourer, Thomas street
Hamilton, John, refreshment house, Market place
Hamilton, Mrs., grocer and confectioner, North street
Hamilton, T. J., flaxdresser, Nelson street
Hamilton, William, miner, Nelson street
Hamilton, James, publican, Irish gate
Hamilton, Mrs., Irish gate
Hamilton, Samuel, farmer, Duncrue
Hannon, John, flaxdresser, Taylor's row
Hannon, Mrs., confectioner, Taylor's row
Harper, James, breadserver, Unity street
Harper, Richard, boilermaker, Lower Woodburn
Harrison, Mrs., Irish quarter South
Hawthorne, Mrs., Green street
Hays, John, butcher, North street
Hays, George, plumber, gas and electric fitter, North street
Healey, William, corp. A.O.C., Prospect st.
Heatherington, Andrew, Albert road
Heggan, Robert J., labourer, Irish quarter West
Heggan, Miss, Albert road
Heggan, Thomas, coal filler, Cheston street
Heggan, Andrew, salt refiner, Davys street
Heggan, James, labourer, Irish quarter South
Heggan, Robert, salt refiner, Irish quarter West
Heggan, Andrew, labourer, Lancasterian st.
Heggan, Felix, guard, Albert road
Henderson, H. H., painter and decorator, Albert road
Henderson, James, No. 2 town postman, Unity street
Henderson, Joseph S., rural postman, Unity street
Henderson, William, No. 1 town postman, Prospect street
Henderson, Thos., ordnance stores, Prospect street
Henderson, William, breadserver, Prospect street
Hendry, John, ordnance store, Prospect st.
Henry, Rev. Charles, P.P., Minorca
Henry, Constable, Albert road
Herdman, Miss, boarding house, Albert road
Heron, Thomas, grocer, Taylor's row
Higgin, Mrs., Rosganna, Kilroot
Hilditch, John, yacht builder, Irish quarter South
Hilditch, Thomas, baker, Albert road
Hilditch, William, carter, Essex street
Hilditch, Robert, carter, Nelson street
Hilditch, Edward, labourer, Davys street
Hilditch, Miss, charwoman, Lancasterian st.
Hill, Thomas, bricklayer, Davys street
Hill, J. B., bricklayer, Davys street
Hill, James, labourer, Green street
Hill, Major R. M., R.G.A., Scoutbush
Hill, Robert, Eden
Hill, F. G., Woodburn
Hinds, John, Scotch quarter
Hodkinson, William, salt manufacturer, Edenvale
Hoffman, Mrs., dispensary nurse, Scotch quarter
Holmes, Charles, cashier Harvey & M'Laughlin, The Limes
Holmes, James, engineer, Elmwood
Holmes, William, plumber, Queen street
Holmes, John, plumber, electric and gas fitter, North street
Holmes, William, tinsmith, Fairymount
Honen, Robert, yachtsman, Irish Quarter South
Hopper, Michael, shoemaker, Lancasterian street
Houston, James, retired sergeant-major R.G.A., Unity street
Houston, William, sergeant-major R.G.A., Irish quarter South
Houston, William, seaman, Irish quarter South
Houston, Miss, Davys street
Houston, Edward, farmer, Prospect
Houston, Robert, farmer, Mid. Division
Houston, Richard, farmer, Fairview
Houston, Mrs., confectioner, Joymount
Howard, Mrs., Bayview, Belfast road
HOWE, W. H., Pharmaceutical Chemist and Photographic Dealer, The Medical Hall, West Street
HUGHES, H., & CO., Clothiers, Drapers, Underclothing, Boot and Shoe Warehouse, The White House, West Street
Hume, fireman, Prospect street
Hunter, Thomas, labourer, Thomas street
Hunter, Mrs., sexton Baptist Chapel, Unity street
Hunter, Robert, seaman, Irish quarter West
Hunter, John, yachtsman, Irish quarter South
Hunter, Thomas, fisherman, Albert road
Hunter, William, baker, Ellis street
Hunter, Captain Thomas, mariner, Robinson's row
Huston, James, M.D., West street
Hyndman, John, harbour craneman, Unity street
Hyndman, Mrs., confectioner and cycle agent, Albert road

Independent Church—Minister, Rev. James Lyon, Albert road
Independent Lecture Hall, Queen street
I.O.G.T. Hall, Irish quarter West
Irvine, Samuel, mechanic, M'Keen's row
Irvine, William, flaxdresser, Agnes street

Jack, Miss, Essex street
Jack, Thomas, coal merchant, Joymount
Jack, David, principal Model School, Belfast road
Jamison, William, Technical Institute, High street
Jellie, John, Farmhill house
Jenkins, M., Telephone Call Office, Albert rd
Johns, Miss, Alton
Johns, T. S., solicitor, Joymount
Johnston, Paul, farmer, Knockagh
Johnston, R. M'Cheyne, Knock lodge
Johnston, Mrs., Greenisland
Johnston, William, sea captain, Albert road
Johnston, John, flaxdresser, Ellis street
Johnston, James, carter, Irish quarter South
Johnston, Misses, Horse Shoe Dairy, Irish quarter South
Johnston, Samuel, painter, Lancasterian st.
Johnston, Miss, confectioner, North street
Johnston, Samuel, grocer, Scotch quarter
Johnston, Charles, traveller for Walkington & Sons, Scotch quarter
Jones, Esper, seaman, Unity street
Jones, Mrs., Davys street

Kane, David, miner, Agnes street
Kane, Francis, colour maker, Sullatober Print Works, Albert road
Kelso, Alexander, labourer, Thomas street
Kelly, James, salt refiner, Prospect street
Kelly, Robert, Seaview, Greenisland
Kellett, William, carpenter, Irish quarter South
Kellett, Mrs., Nelson street
Kerr, Mrs., grocer, West street
Kerr, Miss, Taylor's row
Kidd, Mrs., Sailors' row
Kilpatrick, Thomas, shunter, Prospect street
Kirk, Mrs., Thornfield, North road
Kinsey, Lieutenant-Colonel E. J., Rosebrook
Knox, Nathaniel, grocer, Ellis street

Lappin, Mrs., sub-postmistress, Milebush
Larmour, William, navigation teacher, Joymount
Laughlin, Alexander, bricklayer, Irish quarter West
Laughlin, Hamilton, bricklayer, Lancasterian street
Laverty, H., & Sons, builders & contractors, Albert Brick Works, Irish quarter West
Laverty, Miss, Irish quarter West
Lavery, William, carpenter, Albert road
Law, John, market lessee, North street
Law, Miss, underclothing house, North street
Law, James, bricklayer, Irish quarter West
Lawlor, Daniel, U.D.C., Castle street
Lee, J., enginedriver, Irish quarter South
Legg, C. M., U.D.C., Bayview, Belfast road
LEGG, C. M., Steamship Owner and Coal Merchant, Governor's Walk
Lepper, J. Herron, B.L., Rhanbuoy house, Belfast road
Lewis, William, seaman, Irish quarter West
Livingstone, Richard, sexton Parish Church, Warwick's row
Livingstone, Misses, dressmakers, Warwick's row
Lockhart, James, farmer, Kilroot
Logan, Robert, N.S. teacher, Albert road
Logan, Richard, weaving master, Unity st.
Logan, John, labourer, Lancasterian street
Logan, Paul, farmer, Knockagh
Logan, Jonathan, farmer, Knockagh
LONG, WILLIAM, General Grocer, House-furnisher, Hardware Merchant, Flour, Meal, and Seedsman, Oil, Paint, and Paper Merchant, North Street
Lundy, John, yachtsman, Irish quarter South
Lundy, William, yachtsman and coxswain
Life Boat, Albert road
Lundy, James, laundry, North street
Lundy, Mrs., Davys street
Lusk, William, miner, Davys street
Lyle, Robert, ironturner, Green street
Lyle, Samuel, flaxdresser, Agnes street
Lyle, Wallace, flaxdresser, Agnes street
Lynch, Stephen, labourer, Lancasterian st.
Lynn, Henry, clerk, Albany cottage, Upper Woodburn
Lyon, Rev. James, Independent Manse, North road
Lyons, William, flaxdresser, Agnes street

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