Ballygawley, County Tyrone

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Market town.
Has a Railway Station and Post Office, with Money Order and Telegraph Departments
Market day—Friday
Monthly fair

—Miss M. M'Mahon, postmistress; Miss M'Mahon and M. Corey, assistants.
Mails arrive by car from Dungannon at 5-45 a.m., and depart by 7-20 p.m.
English mail arrives at 2-38 by train.
There is also a mail arrives by 10-45 a.m. train, and one despatched by 11-45 a.m. train.

Church of Ireland—Rev. J. F. Fairbank, A.M., Ballygawley; Rev. Thomas Adderley, A.B., Killishal
Presbyterian Church—Ballygawley, Rev. M. Corkey, M.A.; Ballyreagh, Rev. Isaac Sloane, B.A.
Roman Catholic Chapels—Ballymacilroy, Garvaghy, and Dunmoyle, Rev. P. M'Shane, P.P.; Rev. P. M'Ilkenny, C.C.; and Rev. P. A. Mackin, C.C.
There are also meeting places for the Plymouth Brethren and the Baptists

National Schools—
No. 2—D. Andersen, teacher;
No. 1—Mrs. M. Loughran, teacher.
Other schools within two miles of town—Glencull—Owen Jordan, teacher; Goland—P. M'Dermott, teacher; Turnaskea—Mrs. P. Campbell, teacher; Innishmagh—William Hayes, teacher; Tullyvar—William Patterson teacher
Clogher Valley Railway—I. Dickson, station master; P. Stuart, porter; R. H. Martin, permanent way inspector
Local Magistrates—John Spear Gervan Grangemount; Anketell Moutray, D.L., Favor Royal: Dr. Aberenthy, John Loughran, J.P., M.R.C.V.S.; William Rea, Hugh M'F. Simpson, N. L. Townsend, R.M., visiting stipendiary
Clerk to Magistrates—John F. S. Devlin
Police Barracks—Sergeant Conlon; Constables Bradley, M'Auley, O'Shaughnessy, and Galbraith. Ex-members living in the district—Sergeant J. Moutray; Constables Sheridan, Mullan, Hackett, and Smiton
Ulster Bank (branch), Limited—Attendance weekly, supplied from Aughnacloy—Samuel Barkley, manager; D. Bradbury, cashier
Courthouse—Patrick Donnelly, caretaker
Dispensary—The Misses Young, caretakers; Dr. William R. Abernethy
Protestant Hall—Alex. Kyle, caretaker
Ballygawley Park—Joseph Somerville, caretaker
Lisdourt Woollen Mills—William Coote, J.P., proprietor
Lisdourt Sream Saw Mills—Mr. M'Master proprietor

Abernethy, W. R., M.D., J.P., registrar of births, marriages, and deaths
Adderley, Rev. T., A.B., Killeshil
Anderson, D., N.S. teacher
Arthurs, J. & R., butter and egg merchants, Lisdourt
Bailie, William, Martry manor
Bain, John, J.P., 74 Royal avenue, Belfast—agent for Sir H. H. Stewart, Bart.
Beattie, William, R.D.C., Tullyvar
Beattie, W. T., M.D.
Bell, Adam, Sandycove cottage
Best, James, Grange cottages
Booth, William, sub-postmaster, Ballynasaggart
Boughan, Edward, summons server
Boyd, Mrs., draper
Boyle, Edward, stonemason
Boyle, Michael, stonemason
Brownlee, William, nailor
Buchannan, T., Cess house
Buchannan, William, Annihalla house
Burton, A., Richmont
Busby, Robert, Shrubbery cottages
Cairns, Thomas, painter and decorator
Cairns, Thomas, labourer
Campbell, Charles, shipping agent
Campbell, Hugh, spirit merchant
Carr, J. & B., shoemakers
Carson, W., Anahoe
Cherry, John, miller and grocer, Ballyreagh post office
Clarke, The Misses, milliners & dressmakers
Conway & Co., drapers, &c.
Corrigan, John, spirit merchant
Crosslie, John, solicitor, Anahoe and Belfast
Curren, William, Tullylinton
Curry, Mrs. J., The Mills, Lisdourt
Devine, Wm., contractor for house repairs—Sir Hugh Stewart's estate
Devlin, J. F. S., land agent and C.P.S.
Devlin, T., Tullyglush house
Dickey, E., grocer
Dixon, I., C.V. Railway
Dobson, James, Grange
Dobson, James, mail car contractor, &c.
Dobson, Mrs., Grange
Doherty, J., hawker
Donaghey, J. & P., cattle dealers, Dromfad
Donnelly, J., upholsterer and registration agent, Grange cottages
Donnelly, John, dining rooms
Donnelly, John, pensioner
Donnelly, P., process server
Donnelly, William, cardriver
Dorrian, A., fruiterer and newsagent
Dorrian, J., Press correspondent
Dorrian, Patrick, new and second-hand clothier
Dorrian, P., newsagent
Droogan, F., C.V.R.
Droogan, T., posting establishment
Duff, Nathaniel, draper, grocer, and timber merchant
Duff, W. R., Killymorgan
Early, Edward, road contractor, Errigal
Early, M., shop assistant
Early, William, solicitor, Aughnacloy and Ballygawley
Ewens, G. & R., blacksmiths
Ewins, A., shoemaker
Fair, J. & M., merchants
Fairbank, Rev. John Foster, A.M., The Parsonage
Farrell, Patrick, mason
Fitzpatrick, N., Grange and Omagh
Flannigan, Miss, Grange cottages
Frizzelle, Miss, Lisbeg house
Gaskin, John, butcher, Ballygawley and Aughnacloy
Gormley, James, merchant
Gervan, John S., J.P., Grangemount
Gervan, W. S., Stewart Arms Hotel, agent Fire and Life Royal Insurance Co., the Allen Line Steamers, Goulding's Manures, Hornsly's Farming Implements, and the Wexford "Star" Iron Works, Salt Mines Syndicate, and English Coal; Posting Master, and complete Funeral Furnisher
Gillespie, John, merchant
Gillespie, W., dining rooms
Gormley, James, merchant
Hanna, J., R.D.C.
Henderson, William, saddler
Higgins, James, auctioneer and general merchant
Higgins & M'Donald, tea merchants
Honeyman, Miss, dressmaker
Hopper, William, Tullyvar
Hopper, William, Annaloughey
Hudson, Miss, dressmaker
Hunter, J., cardriver Stewart Arms Hotel
Hynds, Misses M. & L., dressmakers
Irwin, George, Cavey
Irwin, James, spirit merchant
Kelly, Francis, ex-telegraph messenger
Kelly, James, telegraph messenger
Kelly, J., & Sons, horse dealers, Killeshil
Kelly, J., horse dealer, Cranium
Kelly, John, labourer
Kelly, Johnnie, ex-telegraph messenger
Kelly, Mrs.
Kelly, P., cardriver
Kerr, B., boot and shoe maker
Linney, Criterion Bar
Little, A., Tullylinton house
Loughran, F., & Sons, blacksmiths
Loughran, John, J.P., veterinary surgeon
Loughran, Joseph, cycle agent
Loughran, Mrs. M., school teacher
MacMahon, Mrs., the Railway Bar
MacMahon, J. J., cycle and insurance agent
Martin, J., labourer
Martin, Mrs., Temperance Hotel, photographer
Montague, John, sub-postmaster, Garvaghey
Montague, T., R.D.C., Altamaskin
Moore, R., Richmont
Moutray, A., D.L., J.P., Favor Royal
Moutray, Miss, Killykarnon
Moutray, Miss, Killybrick
Mulgrew, Frank, Richmont road, contractor
Mullan, M., draper and spirit merchant
Mullan, Miss R., Lurgacullon house
Mullan, Neale, groom
Murphy, A., spirit merchant
Murphy, P., shoemaker
M'Adam, Miss M., dressmaker
M'Aleer, J., & Sons, coopers
M'Caffrey, sub-postmistress, Sesskilgreen
M'Cann, Miss, draper
M'Carron, P., blacksmith
M'Caughan, Mrs., Grange
M'Collum, P.
M'Collum, R., cooper
M'Collum, W., shop assistant
M'Comb, James, caretaker, The Manse
M'Court, Mrs., midwife
M'Donald, Peter, tea merchant
M'Dowell, A., tailor
M'Dowell, E., blacksmith
M'Dowell, T., labourer
M'Elkenny, Rev. P., C.C.
M'Farland, F., miller
M'Farland, Hugh, Grange cottages
M'Gee, Charles, victualler
M'Gee, John, Grange cottages
M'Gonnell, D., butcher and flesher
M'Ilroy, Ann, Grange cottages
M'Kenna, F., pensioner
M'Kenna, Patrick, ex-telegraph messenger
M'Kenna, William, labourer
M'Kearney, carpenter, builder, contractor, &c.
M'Lean, G., R.D.C., Tullyvernon
M'Menamin, J., labourer
M'Minn, S., spirit grocer, timber merchant
M'Rory, B., carpenter
O'Neill, Francis, hardware, grocer and spirit merchant
O'Neill, James, leather merchant and grocer
Patterson, A., bailiff to Sir H. H. Stewart, Bart.
Patterson, J. L., Knockanny
Patterson, M., rate collector, Killymorgan
Patterson. S., Tullyvannon
Phillips, Patrick, lodging-house keeper
Phillips, J. T., The Grange
Phillips, Mrs. Catherine, The Grange
Rafferty, J., spirit dealer
Rafferty Patrick, shop assistant
Rea, J. J., solicitor, Ballygawley and Aughnacloy
Rea Walter, horse dealer, Crewe hill
Rea, William, J.P., R.D.C., Carron cottage
Robinson, William, Lettry
Sawyers, Joseph, merchant
Simpson, Miss, Ballynasaggart house
Simpson, Mrs., Post Office, Lisdourt
Sloan, Rev. Isaac, Ballyreagh
Speer, Edward, Tullybrian
Stewart, Sir H. H., Bart., D.L., J.P., The Park
Stewart Arms Hotel
Sumerville, J., gamekeeper, The Park
Turner, A., Findrum
Watt, Mrs. Lydia, Cavey
Wiggam, Robert, Lisgonnell
Williamson, J., marine dealer
Williamson, William, tailor
Williamson, William, process server
Wilson, S., Lisbeg
Wilson, Mrs., Killycarron
Wright, Hugh, motor cycles
Young, The Misses, The Diamond
Young, John, egg merchant, Knockanny

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