Egan (No. 3.) family genealogy - Irish Pedigrees

Of Austria-Hungary, and Germany

From Irish Pedigrees; or the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation, Volume 2, by John O'Hart

See p. 441, Vol. I.

According to the Linea Antiqua, the Armorial Bearings[1] of “Egan,” of Ballymac-Egan (which are those of this family) are—

Arms: Quarterly, 1st, gu. a tower ar. supported by two knights in complete armour, holding in their interior hands a halbert all ppr. in chief a snake barways or; 2nd and 3rd, or. on a bend vert. three plates ar.; 4th gu. on a tower as in the first quarter, a swan statant ar. Crest: On a tower or, a knight in complete armour couped at the knees, holding in his dexter hand a battle axe all ppr. Motto: Fortitudo et prudentia.

Owen MacEgan, who (see p. 439, Vol. I.) is No. 115 on the “Egan (No. 1) pedigree, had a brother, Connor Ruadh, who was the ancestor of this branch of that family:

115. Connor Ruadh (Roe): son of Finghin. (“Tinghon” is the name given for this Finghin in O’Ferrall’s Linea Antiqua, Vol. 2, pp. 226, 268, and 270; and is there No. 115.)

116. Donal (or Daniel) Glas: his son.

117. Teige: his son; had a brother, John Ruadh (or Roe), who had issue.

118. Teige Oge: son of Teige.

119. John Egan: son of Teige Oge; had a brother, Boetius, who was Protestant Bishop of Elphin.

120. Patrick Egan: son of John; had a brother William Egan, a friar, who had John Egan, M.D., of Galway, who m. Caroline Prendergast, and had issue.[2] This Patrick[3] migrated from Connaught to the co. Tipperary, and settled amongst his kinsmen at Ballymac-Egan, where he m., and had:

121. Rev. Carbery Egan, who settled in Charleville, county Cork, as Master of the Endowed School of that place; afterwards entered into Holy Orders as a clergymen of the Protestant Church, and was curate of Charleville, from A.D. 1748 to 1770. One of his sons, whose Christian name we have not ascertained, also entered into Holy Orders, and afterwards became Bishop of Philadelphia, United States, America.

Rev. Carbery Egan married, and had:

  1. James, who married, and had:
    1. Pierce (b. 1773, died 1849), who married and had a son, Pierce, living in 1887.
    2. John, b. 1779, d. 1862.
    3. Laurence.

This James’s family settled in England.

  1. Carbery: second son of Rev. Carbery; baptized 9th March, 1746.
  2. Giles, baptized March, 1747.
  3. Richard, baptized 1st April, 1750, d. 1751.
  4. John, M.P. from 1789 to 1800, born 1754, and of whom presently.
  5. Daniel, d. 1766.
  6. Mary, bapt. 1751.
  7. Catharine, bapt. 1758.
  8. Elizabeth,[4] d. 1765.

122. John Egan, M.P., a younger son of Rev. Carbery Egan; born 1754, died 1810; entered Trinity College, Dublin, as a Sizar; studied Law in London; and after his return home married a widow lady of some fortune. In March, 1789, Mr. John Egan entered the Irish Parliament as Member for Ballinakill, (Queen’s County); and from 1790 to 1800, sat for Tullagh. He was “Chairman” of Kilmainham, or, as the position would now be termed County Court Judge of Dublin. In Parliament he voted against the “Union” between Great Britain and Ireland; was, for so doing, deprived by the Government of his chairmanship; and, thus reduced to poverty, died in Scotland, in May, 1810.

123. James Egan (b. 1783, d. 1834): son of John; after remaining some short time in Scotland, he went to Germany, in the beginning of this century; became a Page at the Court of Zwei-Brücken, in Germany, “and a Freemason.” In after years he went to reside in Austria-Hungary, mar. Theresa Price, and had four sons:

  1. James, of whom presently.
  2. Charles, who went to America in 1849. His son William, who is living in Frankfort-on-Maine, in Germany, has a large establishment of “speditary” business, with numerous filials (or branches thereof) in Germany, Austria, and Hungary. This William has two sons, named William and Edward, both of minor age, in 1888.
  3. Edward (d. 1880): the third son of James (No. 123); was a landowner in Hungary. He had two sons and a daughter; the sons are:
    1. Edward, who is (in 1888) an Inspector-General of Dairy Farming at the Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture; and whose three children—1. Lásló, 2. Imre, and 3. Edward, are minors in 1888.
    2. Lewis: the second son of Edward, who d. in 1880; is Chief Engineer to the Maritime Government of Fiume and the Hungarian Croate Coast. He has one son Béla,[5] a minor in 1888.

The daughter of Edward, who d. in 1880, is:

  1. Irma, who is, in 1888, living at her widowed mother’s in “Borostyánkö Castle.”
  2. Alfred: the fourth son of James (No. 123); is Chief Engineer to the Hungarian States Railways. He had two sons and four daughters; the sons were:
    1. Alfred, who is on the Engineer’s Staff of the Hungarian States Railways.
    2. Edward, who is a Clerk in the Establishment of his cousin William Egan, in Frankfort-on-Maine, in Germany.

The sisters of these two brothers are: 1. Rosa, 2. Julia—both of whom are married in Budapest: 3. Josephine, 4. Louisa—both of whom are (in 1888) living at their father’s in Budapest.

124. James: eldest son of James (No. 123), who was the first of the family that settled in Hungary; is (in 1888) a Professor at the University of Budapest; has one son and three daughters:

  1. Lewis, of whom presently.
  2. Rosa, who mar. a Hungarian Nobleman and Lawyer, Dr. Victor de Hagara; and living in 1888.
  3. Clara.
  4. Adéle, both living at their father’s in 1888.

125. Lewis Egan: son of James (No. 124); is a Director of extensive Glass-works in Transylvania. His children are two sons and one daughter:

  1. Lewis, of whom presently,
  2. Victor, a minor in 1888.
  3. Leona, also a minor in 1888.

126. Lewis Egan: son of Lewis (No. 125); living in 1888, and a minor.


[1] Bearings: The Armorial Bearings of “Egan,” of Ballymac-Egan, as given in Burke’s General Armory are:

Arms: Quarterly, 1st, gu. a tower ar. supported by two knights in complete armour, holding in their interior hands a battle axe all ppr. in chief a snake barways or; 2nd and 3rd, or, on a bend vert. three plates; 4th gu. on a tower as in the first quarter, a swan statant ar. Crest: On a tower or, a knight in complete armour couped at the knees, holding in his dexter hand a battle axe all ppr. Motto: Fortitudo et prudentia.

[2] Issue: The two sons of Doctor John Egan, of Galway, who married Caroline Prendergast, were 1. Dr. Michael Egan, of the 79th Cameronian Highlanders (born 1766, d. 1828); and 2. Colonel Charles Egan, of the Royal Irish Artillery, who mar. Mary Blacquiere, and had issue.

[3] Patrick: Considering the date (A.D. 1715) of the grant of the Egan of Ballymac-Egan Arms, we were hitherto inclined to believe that it was to this Patrick Egan these Arms were first granted. But our attention has been called to Burke’s great work the General Armory, p. 318, where it is stated that those Arms were “granted in 1715 to Darby Egan, Esq., of Uskean, descended from Egan, of Ballymac-Egan, county Tipperary.” That statement would imply that some of Darby Egan’s ancestors had settled at Ballymac-Egan. But we are unable to trace the source through which the Ballymac-Egan Arms have descended to said Patrick’s descendants, or to his younger brother, William, father of Doctor John Egan, of Galway, above mentioned (the Armorial Bearings of whose family are identical with those of “Egan,” No. 3, described at the head of this pedigree); unless on the supposition that said Darby Egan was an elder brother of Patrick, who had preceded him to Tipperary, but whose name is not mentioned in the pedigree.

[4] Elizabeth: We are unable to find the dates of Baptism of James, John, Daniel, and Catherine—children of the Rev. Carbery Egan; for, from some cause or other, those dates are not recorded in the Charleville Baptismal Register of that period.

[5] Béla: This name is the Hungarian for “Albert.”