O'Kelly (No.2) family genealogy

Of Tiaquin, County Galway

Arms: Same Armorial Bearings as "O'Kelly" (No. 1).

WILLIAM BUIDHE [boy] O'KELLY, the youngest son of Donoch who is No. 113 on the (foregoing) "O'Kelly" (Princes of Hy-Maine) pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Kelly, of Tiaquin.

114. William Buidhe: son of Donoch; built the Abbey of Kilconnel.

115. Melaghlin: his son; lord of Hy-Maine, and the 22nd "O'Kelly."

116. Donoch O'Kelly, of Tiaquin: his son; the 24th "O'Kelly."

117. Teige: his son; the 26th "O'Kelly;" had a brother named Breasal, who was the 27th "O'Kelly."

118. Melachlin: son of Teige; was the 28th "O'Kelly."

119. Teige Dubh, of Gallach: his son.

120. Hugh O'Kelly, lord abbot of Knockmoy: his son.