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Lords of Farney, County Monaghan

From Irish Pedigrees; or the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation by John O'Hart

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[1] Arms: Ar. an ostrich sa. holding in the beak a horsehoe or. Crest: A naked arm embowed holding a sword all ppr. the point pierced through a fleur-de-lis sa. Motto: So dorn don a dhubhfuiltibh (meaning "here is a fist for the dark-blooded"). Another: Manus haec inimica tyrannis.

CAIRBRE AN DAIMH AIRGID, who is No. 91 on the "O'Hart" pedigree, had a younger son Nadsluagh, who was the ancestor of MacMaghghamhna, Lords and Princes of Monaghan; anglicised MacMahon, Mahon, Mathew, Mathews, and Mathewson.

91. Cairbre an Daimh Airgid: son of Eochaidh.

92. Nadsluagh: his son.

93. Fergus: his son.

94. Ronan: his son.

95. Maolduin (also called Maol-Temin): his son; had a brother named Fogharthach.

96. Fogharthach: son of Maolduin.

97. Ruadhreach: his son; had a brother Athachtach.

98. Fogharthach: his son; had a brother named Cearbhall.

99. Poil: his son. Had two brothers—1. Flannagan, 2. Dunnagan, who was the ancestor of Lawlor, of Monaghan.

100. Cearbhall: son of Poil.

101. Lagnan: his son.

102. Maghghamhuin ("magh-ghamhuin:" Irish, a bear); his son; a quo MacMaghghamhna.

103. Donal: his son; first in this family that assumed this sirname; had a younger brother named Cana.

104. Cu-Casil: his son.

105. Donoch: his son; had a brother named Murtagh.

106. Niall: his son.

107. Aodh (or Hugh): his son.

108. Maghghamhuin: his son.

109. Manus: his son.

110. Niall: his son.

111. Maghghamhuin: his son.

112. Eochaidh: his son.

113. Rodolph: his son.

114. Eochaidh: his son.

115. Brian Mór: his son.

116. Ardghul: his son.

117. Ruadhri (or Roger): his son; had eight brothers.

118. Eoghan [owen]: his son; Lord of Dartry, county Monaghan; had two brothers.[2]

119. Owen: his son.

120. Hugh: his son.

121. Shane (or John) Buidhe: his son.

122. Hugh: his son.

123. Hugh Oge: his son.

124. Sir Bryan, Lord of Dartry: his son; d. 10th Oct., 1620. Married the Lady Mary, widow of his kinsman Sir Ross MacMahon, and dau. of Hugh O'Neill, the great Earl of Tyrone, whose "flight," A.D. 1607 (see "The Flight of the Earls," in the Appendix), afforded such facilities for the "Plantation of Ulster." By this Lady Sir Bryan MacMahon left at his death two sons—1. Art, 2. Brian Oge; and daughters.[3]

125. Art MacMahon, Lord of Dartry: his son; married Evaline, dau. of Ever MacMahon, of Lissanisky, in the county Monaghan; died at Ballinure in 1634, leaving issue an only son.

126. Patrick: only son of Art; died at Dublin, in 1635, leaving three sons—1. Colla Dubh [dhu]. 2. Constantine, who died s.p., 3. the Rev. Arthur Augustine,[4] Provost of St. Peter's, at Casselle, in Flanders.

127. Colla Dhu MacMahon, titular Lord of Dartry: son of Patrick. This Colla married Aileen, daughter of The O'Reilly (who was styled "Earl of Cavan"), and niece of the illustrious Owen Roe O'Neill, by whom he had issue—1. Bernard, who married a daughter of Art Oge, son of Art Roe MacMahon, of Slack's Grove; 2. Hugh, who was administrator of Kilmore, was consecrated bishop of Clogher in 1703, became primate of Armagh in 1709, and who died in August, 1737; 3. Con; 4. Patrick; and two other sons whose names have not been recorded, but who are stated to have fought at Derry, etc.

128. Patrick of Corravilla: the fourth son of Colla Dhu; married a lady named MacMahon, by whom he had four sons—1. Cullagh, 2. Bernard,[5] who died 27th May, 1747, aged 69 years, 3. Ross (who died October 29th, 1748, aged 49), 4. Roger.

129. Cullagh MacMahon, of Rockfield, county Monaghan: son of Patrick; nominated to the Family Bourses, until he "conformed," when the privilege appears to have passed to the co-heiresses of Mr. Peter MacMahon of Rekane,[6] under a clause in the Will of the Rev. Arthur Augustine MacMahon, above mentioned.

130. Hugh, of Rockfield: son of Cullagh; married Miss Griffith of Laurel Hill, county Monaghan.

131. Charles of Carrickmacross: their son; married in 1821 Rose, daughter of Coleman, Esq., county Louth, by whom he had two sons—1. Charles, 2. Patrick (who, in 1853, died, s. p.); and one daughter, Eliza.

132. Charles MacMahon, of Brookfield, Dundalk: son of Charles; living in 1881; Clerk of the Crown and Peace, for the county Louth; was, when only twelve years of age, called upon to nominate to the Family-Bourses. He married Alice, daughter of James Gartlan, Esq., of Carrickmacross, by whom he had issue one son, Charles, and two daughters—1. Alice, married to W. Russell, Esq., of Downpatrick; 2. Rose, married to William Mulholland, Liverpool, Barrister-at-Law.

133. Charles MacMahon. A.B.: his son; living in 1887.

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[1] MacMahon: Of this family was Con MacMahon who was wounded at the Boyne. Dr. O'Brennan in his Ancient Ireland, says that this officer commanded a body of cavalry at the Boyne, where he was wounded; that he afterwards assisted Sarsfield in his famous interception of the Williamite artillery. His wife was Ellen, of Clonina, a niece of the illustrious Sarsfield.

[2] Brothers: One of those brothers was Edmund, who was father of Cormac, who was father of Collo, who was father of Patrick MacMahon, of Drumgiston, county Monaghan, who died A.D. 1637.

[3] Daughters: Una (or Agnes), one of the daughters of this Sir Bryan MacMahon, Lord of Dartry, married—first, Gerald Byrne, Esq., of Roscrea, and secondly, Charles, son of Morgan (son of Bryan) Kavanagh, of Polomonty, in the county of Carlow, and Katherine was married Captain Hugh Reilly, Liscannow, county Cavan.

Writing in 1608 of this Sir Bryan MacMahon, Sir Henry Dillon says: "That he is the best followed of any man in the country, and it were well he were not discontented."

[4] Augustine: This Rev. Arthur Augustine MacMahon, by his Will, dated 1710, founded many Bourses for the education of young men for the priesthood: "The preference being given to members of the families of MacMahon, Maguire, O'Reilly, and O'Neill, and amongst the four families aforesaid shall be preferred those of the name and parentage of the Founder."

[5] Bernard: This Bernard MacMahon was consecrated Bishop of Clogher in 1709 (in succession to his uncle Hugh, the second son of Colla Dhu, above mentioned), and was translated to the primatial chair of Armagh, in 1738; and his brother Ross was, in succession to him, consecrated Bishop of Clogher, in 1739, and was translated to Armagh, in 1747. In the churchyard of Edragoole (or Ematriss), county Monaghan, Roger MacMahon, the younger brother of these two primates, erected A.D. 1750, a monument to their memory, on which the following is the inscription:

"Hic jacent Rochus (vel Rossius) et Bernardus MacMahon, fratres germani; uterque successivé archiepiscopus Armacanus, totius Hiberniae primates, quorum nobilissimi generis memor pietas, atque aemula doctrina, vitaque titulos non impar morientem patriam decoravere. Bernardus obiit 27 Maii 1747, aetat. 69. Rochus, die 29 Oct., 1748, aetat. 49. Ambo pares virtute, pares et honoribus ambo."

[6] Rekane: See Note under No. 11 of the "Fay" pedigree.