Sheedy family genealogy

ACCORDING to some genealogists, Sioda, who is No. 62 (102?) on the "MacNamara" pedigree, was the ancestor of MacShioda; anglicised MacSheedy, Sheedy, Silk, and Silke. But this family directly descends from Sioda,[1] a younger brother of John an Ghabhaltuis (or John the Conqueror), who is No. 117 on the "MacNamara" genealogy: that Sioda who was the ancestor of "MacNamara Fionn."

117. Sioda ("Sioda": Irish, Silk): son of Maccon; a quo MacShioda.

118. Maccon-Dal: his son.

119. Sioda: his son; had a brother John Fionn.

120. Florence: his son.

121. Lochlan: his son.

122. Florence: his son.

123. Florence: his son.

124. Sioda: his son.

125. Daniel Sheedy: his son. Had two brothers—1. Donoch (or Denis), 2. Thade; living in 1691.


[1] Sioda: According to a description of the County Clare, preserved in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin, Clann Coilein (situate in the western portion of that county), the territory of the MacNamara, known as the "MacNamara Fionn," comprised the following parishes: Killaloe, Aglish, Killurin, Kilkeady, Kilbrooney, Tullagh, Moynoe, Kilnoe, Killokennedy, Kiltrinanela, Feakle, Kilfinaghty, and Inishcaltragh.

As the O'Grady's were seated in Tomgrany, Scariff, and Moynoe, it may be assumed that they were tributary to the Chiefs of the MacNamaras.

After the Cromwellian Settlement the "Sheedy" family were scattered: some of them settled in the county Cork, some in Tipperary, some in Limerick, and some in West Clare; but few, if any, of them are now to be found in their ancient patrimony of Clann Coilein.