Mulcahy (No.2) family genealogy

Of Ardpaddeen

It is believed that Thomas Mantach, who is No. 119 on this genealogy, was a brother of John, of Whitechurch, county Waterford, who is No. 119 on the foregoing "Mulcahy" (No. 1.) pedigree. Commencing with that Thomas, the following is the genealogy of Mulcahy, of Ardpaddeen, county Waterford:—

119. Thomas Mantach,[1] who fought at the Battle of the Boyne, A.D. 1690, on the side of King James the Second: son of Thomas.

120. Edmund: his son; had a brother named John, who was the ancestor of the Mulcahys, of Killkeany, county Waterford.

121. Thomas Ban [bawn]: his son; or "Thomas the Fair."

122. Edmund Ban: his son. The issue of this Edmund were twenty children—1. Edmund, who was born in 1773, and died 1836; 2. Mrs. M. Mulcahy, born in 1784, and living 1877; 3. Mrs. Butler, born in 1801, died 1872; 4. Thomas, born 1803, and living 1877; 5. Mrs. Catherine Norris, born 1805, living 1877; 6. David, born 1807, now dead; 7. Michael, born 1809, died 1853; 8. Mrs. Bridget Shanahan, born 1812, died 1868; 9. Patrick, born 1814, died 1841; 10. John, born 1816, died 1868 (whose eldest son Edmund lived in Ardpaddeen, in 1877); 11. James, born 1818, died 1828; 12. Edmond, born 1821, died 1866; 13. Joseph, born 1823, living in 1877; 14. Richard, born 1825, died 1846; 15. David (2), who died young; 16. Rev. David Power Mulcahy, P.P., Swords, co. Dublin, born in 1830, and living in 1881. There were four more children who died in their infancy.

123. John: son of Edmund Bann.

124. Edmund Mulcahy, of Ardpaddeen: his son; living in 1877.


[1] Mantach: This Thomas Mulcahy owned the following townlands in the parish of Kilbrien, county Waterford: namely—Scart, Baracree, and Kilbrien; and he afterwards got the townland of Killkeany, for his son John.