Fahy family genealogy

Of Ulster

Arms; Az. issuing from the base of the shield a dexter and sinister arm chevron-ways, vested or. hands ppr. fingers crossed.

FEAREADHACH, a brother of Muircheartach Mór Mac Earca who is No. 90 on the (No. 1) "O'Neill" (of Tyrone) pedigree, was the ancestor of Fadhaigh ("fadh:" Irish, a cut; "ach," a skirmish); anglicised Fahy, Fahie[1] and Fay.

90. Feareadhach: third son of Muireadhach.

91. Fiachnach: his son.

92. Suibhneach Meann: his son.

93. Crunmhal: his son.

94. Maoltuile: his son.

95. Flann Fionn: his son.

96. Diochron: his son.

97. Elcan: his son.

98. Brollachan ("bro1lach:" Irish, the breast); his son; a quo O'Brollaghain, anglicised Brallaghan, Bradlaugh, Bradley, Brabacy, and Brabazon.

99. Doilghean: his son.

100. Maolphadraic: his son.

101. Dubhinniseadh: his son.

102. Maolbrighid: his son.

103. Maoliosa; his son.


[1] Fahie: There are several very respectable members of this family living in Dublin, in 1887.