Duffe family genealogy

Branch of the O'Connor Faley

[1] Arms: Vert a lion ramp. or. a crescent for diff. Crest: A greyhound courant ar. collared or. a crescent for diff.

COMTHANAN, a brother of Ros Failgeach who is No. 90 on the "O'Connor" (Faley) pedigree, was the ancestor of another branch of the O'Duibh family; anglicised Duffe.

90. Comthanan: son of Cathair Mór, the 109th Monarch of Ireland.

91. Aongus: his son.

92. Eachach: his son.

93. Comthach Beag: his son.

94. Nathair: his son.

95. Nainneadh: his son.

96. Cormac: his son.

97. Cobhthach: his son.

98. Eoghan: his son.

99. Maoloctrach: his son.

100. Noinnean: his son.

101. Maoloctrach: his son.

102. Flaithreach: his son.

103. Marcan: his son.

104. Dubh ("dubh:" Irish, dark-featured, prodigious; Heb. "dobhe"): his son; a quo O'Duibhe.—See No. 112 on the "Dowling" pedigree.

105. Fubthag: his son.

106. Flaithman: his son.

107. Lorcan: his son.

108. Donall: his son.

109. Giolla Ciarain O'Duff: his son.


[1] Duff: Another "Duff" family was descended from Dubh, who is No. 112 on the "Dowling" pedigree.