Songs of Old Ireland: A Collection of Fifty Irish Melodies

A Collection of Fifty Irish Melodies

The words by Alfred Perceval Graves

The music arranged by Charles Villiers Stanford



Ancient Lullaby

An Irish Lullaby

A Sailor Lad wooed a Farmer's Daughter

Awake, awake Fianna

Banks of the Daisies (the)

Battle Hymn

Colleen Oge Asthore

Confession (the)

Emer's Farewell to Cucullain

Fairy Nurse Song

Fan Fitzger'l

Father O'Flynn

Flight of the Earls (the)

Foggy Dew (the)

Fond Chloe

Foxhunt (the)

Good Night

Her Brow is like the Lily

Herring our King

Hour I prove false (the)

How happy for the woodbirds

I heard 'mid oak-trees olden

Jack the jolly Ploughboy

Jenny, I'm not jesting


Kitty Bawn

Lady Sybil

Lament (the)

Lament for Owen Roe O'Neill

Little red Lark (the)

Maureen, Maureen

Molly Hewson

My Love's an arbutus

One Sunday after Mass

O thou of the beautiful hair

Poison on the darts (the)

Rejected Lover (the)

Return from Fingal (the)

Royal Hunt (the)

Sailor Girl (the)

Smith's song (the)

Spinning-wheel Song (the)

Still side by side

St. Mary's Bells

'Tis I can weave Woollen and Linen

'Twas pretty to be in Ballinderry

What is life without a Wife

When she answered me her voice was low

Willow Tree (the)

Will you float my boat