From Ireland: Her Wit, Peculiarities and Popular Superstitions

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Popular Superstitions Generally.

Popular Belief among the Peasantry as to the Existence of Fairies, Fairy Legends, Fairy-Stricken People and Cattle; with Charms and Cures against such; Elf-darts, Crystals.

Fairy Lore, Enchantment, Witchcraft, the Evil Eye, and Fairy Abduction. Herb Cures and Fairy Doctors, Love Charms.

Ancient Customs, Traditions, Folk's Lore, and Proverbs Relating to Superstitious Practices.

Popular Games and Pastimes, with the Rhymes and Recitations used thereat.

Legends Relating to Ancient Forts and Raths, Crosses, Bawns, Blessed Wells, and Old Burial Places.

The Non-Religious Rites and Ceremonies Relating to Births, Marriages, and Deaths.

Ceremonials Used with a Corpse, and the Forms, Plays, Rhymes, and Keens, employed at Wakes; Ceremonies used at Funerals and in Grave Yards.

Popular Cures for Diseases, particularly Madness, Bite of a Mad Dog, the King's Evil, Falling Sickness, Fever, Jaundice, Wild-fire, Warts, Childbed, Chincough, and Ague, &c.

The Moon;—Rhymes, Superstitions, and Proverbs, relating to.

Prophecies, Curses and Maledictions.

Ceremonies and Popular Usages Respecting Land, and the Preservation of Crops as well as Cattle, Milk, and Butter.

Legends and Superstitions Relating to Lakes and Rivers, with the fabulous Animals said to inhabit them.

Charms Employed against Various Disasters, Sudden Death, Drowning, &c.

Opinions with Regard to Fetches, Ghosts, and Spirits, Supernatural Appearances.

Ideas, Proverbs, and Rhymes current among the Peasantry respecting Different Animals, especially Hares, Weasels, Cats, Rooks, Wildgeese, Cocks, Wrens, Starlings, the Magpie, Raven, Waterwagtail, the Cuckoo, Robin, Dordeel, Mankeeper, Cricket, &c.

Charms appertaining to the Dead Man's Hand.

Rites and Ceremonies used at the following Festivals:—New Year's Day, Twelfth Night, Candlemas and St. Bridget's, Shrovetide, St. Valentine's Day, Easter, Whitsuntide, May Day, St. John's Eve, Garlic or Garland Sunday, Palm Sunday, Lady Day, Holy Eve, St. Martin's, Michaelmas, Christmas, St. Stephen's Day, &c., &c.

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