Remedial Legislation (Notes)

Eleanor Hull
Remedial Legislation (Notes) | start of chapter

[1] A large part of O’Donovan’s notes have not yet been published; but they are now being issued in sections by rototype process by private enterprize.

[2] Dutton, Survey of Clare; E. Wakefield, An Account of Ireland, Statistical and Political (1812) gives a similar list found in Wicklow. See also C. Gavan Duffy, Young Ireland (1896), p. 45.

[3] E. Wakefield, op. cit., pp. 413, 425-440; Thomas Newenham, Natural and Political Circumstances of Ireland (1809). Both these writers give a terrible account of the neglect and cruelty practised in these institutions.

[4] In recent years excellent work has been done by the Kildare Place schools which are now used as the Training College for teachers of the Protestant Church of Ireland.

[5] Sir Robert Peel declared that Dr. Murray in his person and manner completely realized his ideal of a Christian Bishop. He was a man of great simplicity of heart and an earnest and eloquent preacher.

[6] W. J. Fitzpatrick, Memoirs of Richard Whately, Archbishop of Dublin (1864).