SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Townsend-street to George's-quay.

P. St. Mark.—Trinity W.—City.

1 to 4½ Tenements, 3l. to 12l.

5 Lawler, John, provision dealer, 9l.

here Rath-row intersects

6 Tenements, 12l.

7 Vacant, 20l.

8 to 13 Tenements, 7l. to 12l.

here Poolbeg-street intersects

14 Lennon, B. smith & bell-hanger, 7l.

15 Tenements, 8l.

16 Williams, John, dealer in marine stores, 8l.

17 and 18 Tenements, 8l., 11l.

19 Hayes, T. dealer in marine stores, 12l.

20 Tenements, 5l. 10s.

here George's-quay intersects

21 Fulton, A. grocer & prov. dealer, 8l.

22 Redmond, Mrs. dairy, 12l.

23 Yard, 4l.

24 to 26 Tenements, 11l., 6l., 10l.

27 Rooney, Mrs. provision dealer, 10l.

28 Quinn, John, smith, 7l.

29 Bessett, John, harness mkr. 5l. 10s.

30 and 31 Tenements, 6l., 7l.

here Gloucester-street, South, intersects

32 to 40 Tenements, 7l. to 8l.

41 M'Leod, W. smith & bell-hanger, 7l.

42 Tenements, 6l. 10s.

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