SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Winetavern-st. to Bridge-st. Lr.

P. St. John, 1. P. St. Michael, 2 to 9. P. St. Audoen, 10 to 34.—Merchants'-quay W.—City.

1 Ryan, Wm. paper manufr. & whole. statnr. paper mills, Inchicore, 85l.

„ Ryan, Wm. esq. Golden-bridge ho.

„ Tallon and Murray, paper manufacturers, & paper mills, Galway

„ Abbot, Saml. sol. & Benedar, Howth

„ Larkin, Michl. solicitor—residence, Inchicore house, Inchicore

„ Ryan, Edmond, cashier

„ Delaney, Wm. George, solicitor, and Johnstown, county Kilkenny

„ Keating & Kennedy, wholesale cap and stay manufactory

„ Ryan, M. & Sons, paper stores

here Rosemary-lane intersects

2 Jones, Samuel, plumber and brassfounder, and water-closet manufacturer, 27l.

3 Ryan, Mary, and Son, paper merchs. and wholesale stationers, 42l.

„ Ryan, Mrs. M. & 19 Wellington rd.

„ Ryan, Thomas John, merchant, and Westbourne, Rathfarnham

Entrance to the Franciscan Convent, or Adam and Eve Chapel

4 to 6 The Presbytery, 32l., 36l.

Rev. Philip Keogh, guardian; Rev. Alosius O'Regan, Rev. Thomas J. Burke, Rev. Richard A. Hill, Rev. Peter A. Slattery, Rev. Wm. D. Murphy

7 Tenements, 36l.

8 Farrell, Charles, auctioneer and valuator, 36l.

9 M'Donnell, Christopher, and Sons, paper manufacturers, and Killeen paper mills, 80l.

here Skipper's-alley intersects

10 Marlow, James, and Brothers, engravers, lithographers, copperplate and letterpress printers, and paper bag manufacturers, 49l.

„ Marlow, Edward, engraver, &c.

„ Marlow, John, engraver, &c.

11 Browne, Simon, and Co. paper warehouse, and Ballyboden mills, Rathfarnham, & Kilternan mills, Golden-ball, 16l.

12 Sloane, E. fancy toy warehouse, 22l.

„ Cotton, Abraham, woollen mercht. and manuf. Linthwaite, Huddersfield—William Cotton, manager

13 Tyndall, Robert E. commission agent, 35l.

14 Douglas, M'Clure, and Co. wholesale Manchester and Scotch warehouse, and New York, U.S.A. 55l.

„ Douglas, James, merchant, and New York, U.S.A.

„ M'Clure, R. S. merchant, and 4 Charleston-terrace, Rathmines

15 Dean, Wm. & Son, manufacturers & importers of woollen and Manchester goods, 122l.

„ Dean, William, merchant—res. 92 Lower Baggot-street

„ Dean, William Edward, merchant—res. 92 Lower Baggot-street

„ Garde & Atkinson, solicitors

„ Garde, John D. solicitor, and Mount Dillon, Roebuck

„ Atkinson, Rich. solicitor, and Gortmore, Dundrum

16 Carolan, May, & Co. warehousemen, 60l.

„ Carolan, L. merchant—res. 5 Vernon-parade, Clontarf

„ May, John, merchant

17 Scott, Spain, and Rooney, wholesale woollen merchants & manufactrs. of Irish friezes and tweeds, Island-bridge Woollen Mills 113l.

„ Scott, F. Moore, merchant—res. 1 Rockfort terrace, Dalkey

„ Scott, Thomas Christian, merchant, and Henrietta-place, Bullock

„ Spain, Patrick, merchant, and 5 Adelaide-street, Kingstown

„ Rooney, Jn. merchant, and Island bridge house

„ Messrs. Nolan and Foott, solicitors

„ Foott, George, solicitor, and 5 Stanley-terrace, Wellington-road

„ Nolan, Patrick, solicitor, and 3 Merrion-square, west

18 M'Caffry, Owen, and Co. wholesale woollen and stuff merchants, 36l.

„ M'Caffry, Owen, esq.—res. 82 Newington terrace, Rathmines

19 Heather, Brothers, & Co. wholesale and export boot and shoe manufacturers, 32l.

20 Tyrrell, James Patrick, wholesale tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 42l.

21 M'Clean, George, and Co. London and Glasgow wholesale clothes warehouse, 46l.

22 Dargan, M. wholesale perfumery & fancy soap manufacturer, and ink and blacking works, 36l.

23 Madden and Co. wholesale factors and manufacturers, 90l.

here Swan-alley intersects.

24 Drury, T. & Co. wholesale wareho.-men, & Dartry, Rathmines, 100l.

„ Drury, Thomas, esq. j.p.

25 Colclough, Constantine, paper merchant, 31l.

26 Martin, Bernard, & Son, wholesale woollen & Manchester merchs. 80l.

„ Martin, Bernard—res. Greenvilla, Blackrock

„ Martin, Henry E.—res. Greenvilla, Blackrock

„ Blake, Patrick John, solicitor

27 Keevil, Edward, pipe warehouse, & importer of cigars, & 66 Dawson-street, 22l.

28, 29, & 30 Moran & Lyons, paper mers., stationers, letterpress and lithographic printers, and rag merchants, 86l.

31 Crawford, Wm. boot & shoemkr. 10l.

32 O'Reilly, Phil. fancy cap manf. 10l.

33 Smyth, Henry, apoth. & accouch. 21l.

34 Brennan, Francis, & Co. wholesale woollen and Manchester warehousemen, 25l.

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