SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Petticoat-lane to Church-street.

P. St. Michan.—1 to 27 and 41 to 80, Inns-quay W. 28 to 40 Arran-quay W.—City.

1 Kane, Patrick, clothes broker, 14l.

2 Fagan, James, clothes broker, 11l.

3 Conroy, Michael, clothes broker, 14l.

4 Nesell, Mary Anne, clothes brok. 10l.

5 Kavanagh, Chas. clothes broker, 12l.

6 M'Allen, J. herring merchant, 22l.

Entrance to Egg and Poultry Market

7 Phelan, David, boot and shoe warehouse, 10l.

here Halston-street intersects

8 Martin, Thos. clothes broker, 14l.

9 Boulger, Michael, clothes broker, 4l. 10s.

10 Moriarty, Patk. clothes brok. 4l. 10s.

11 O'Neill, John, boot and shoe maker, 4l. 10s.

12 Colligan, Jas. boot & shoemaker, 9l.

here George's-hill intersects

13 Dunne, Christopher, clothes broker and tailor, 11l.

14 M'Evoy, John, clothes broker, 8l.

14½ Ward, Patrick, dairy, 10l.

15 Tenements, 7l.

16 Hussey, Jas. boot & shoemaker, 7l.

17 Courtney, Wm. boot & shoe mkr. 13l.

18 and 19 Tenements, 10l., 7l.

19½ Farrell, Andrew, herring stores

here Clarke's-court intersects

20 Shaw, Mich. boot & shoewareho. 12l.

21 Smith, Peter, clothes broker, 11l.

[22 to 25—3l. to 11l.]

22 Delany, Catherine, boot and shoe warehouse,

23 Tenements,

24 O'Donnell, Anne, clothes bkr.

25 Tenements,

26 Glennen, Patrick, dealer, 8l.

27 Smyth, Owen, tlr. & clothes brkr. 11l.

here Beresford-street intersects

28 and 29 Tenements, each 8l.

30 Kennedy, William, clothes broker

31 Tenements

32 Morris, Joseph, provision stores

33 Ruins

34 Tenements

35 Poole, Joseph, provision stores

36 Murphy, Thomas, dealer

37 Lightfoot, John, potato mercht. 9l.

38 Stores, 11l.

39 and 40 Vacant

here Church-street intersects

41 Vacant

42 Mitchell, Mary, marine stores, 7l.

43 Cumberton, Thos. clothes broker, 9l.

here Vegetable-market intersects

44 Tenements, 9l.

here Sherlock's-court intersects

45 Tenements, 8l.

46 Huban, Jas. provision stores, 16l.

47 Nolan, Christopher, grocer, &c. 13l.

48 Dunn, Margaret, herring merch. 7l.

49 Tenements, 6l.

50 Nolan, Edw. provision dealer, 16l.

here Greek-street intersects

51 Smyth, Owen, tailor, 15l.

52 Glennon, Patk. clothes broker, 10l.

53 Tenements, 8l.

54 Rogers, Ellen, clothes broker, 9l.

55 Sherlock, Mrs. Catherine, 12l.

56 Gorman, Mary, provision dealer, 9l.

here Bull-lane intersects

57 and 58 Tenements, each 11l.

59 Harlin, Henry, broker, 10l.

60 Doyle, Jane, clothes broker, 8l.

61 Harford, Richd. mineral and soda water manufactory, 143.

62 Geoghegan, Jn. boot & shoemk. 13l.

63 Flood, J. grocer and spirit dlr. 22l.

here Fisher's-lane intersects

64 Dunne, Patrick D. grocer, 15l.

64A Lennon, Philip, clothes broker

65 Tenements, 7l.

66 Cassidy, John, clothes broker, 15l.

67 Fannin, Matthew, boot and shoe warehouse, 8l.

68 Johnston, Saml. clothes broker, 10l.

69 Donegan, Michl. tailor & broker, 10l.

70 Otway, Samuel, broker, 12l.

71 Egan, Michael, grocer, 16l.

72 Kavanagh, Thos. clothes brok. 12l.

73 Tancred, Anne, broker, 10l.

74 M'Mahon, Peter, grocer, 15l.

[75 to 79—6l. to 13l.]

75 Armstrong, Mary, clothes broker,

76 Levins, Mary, clothes broker,

77 Tenements,

78 Ryan, John, clothes broker,

79 Hughes, Michael, coal and coke stores,

80 Smyth, Jacob, shoemaker, 17l.

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