SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From D'Olier-street to Hawkins's-street.

P. St. Mark.—Trinity W.—City.

1 Gorman, Michael, victualler, 8l.

2 Grainger, Mary, victualler, 8l. 10s.

here Carlisle-court intersects

3 Thomas, Stephen, victualler, and ships' provision dealer, and 1 Carlisle-court, 26l.

4 Corrigan, Michael, prov. dealer, 15l.

5 Byrne, Mrs. Catherine, victualler, 8l.

6 Fitzharris, Christr. victualler, 8l.

7 Nelson, Valentine, victualler, 8l.

8 Carroll, Mary, victualler, 8l.

9 Logan, Michael, green grocer, 8l.

10 Carroll, Mrs. victualler, 11l.

here Hawkins's-street intersects

11 Farrell, Michl. victualler, and ship provision merchant, 30l.

12 Gorman, Patrick, victualler, 12l.

13 Doyle, Mary, victualler, 4l.

14 Vacant, 13l.

15 Kavanagh, Patrick, victualler

16 Milway, Lawrence, victualler, 7l.

17 Barry, Rich. poulterer & game dlr. 7l.

18 Walsh, James, victualler, and ship provision merchant, 13l.

19 Byrne, Margaret, green grocer, 7l.

20 Boland, James, prov. dealer, and 2 Townsend-street, 7l.

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