SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Strand-street, Gt. to Britain-st. Gt.

P. St. Mary.—North City W.—City.

1 Rice, Mary, turner, 20l.

2 Tenements, 20l.

3 Sezwick, Vincent, draper, 20l.

4 Kinahan, Hugh, timber and coal merchant, 6l.

5 Earles, Peter, carp. & builder, 18l.

„ Kiernan, Thomas, grocer

„ Donnelly, Owen, stucco plasterer

6 and 7 Tenements, 16l., 14l.

8 Davis, Samuel, Roman cement and plaster of Paris manufactory, and 137 Abbey street, 20l.

9 and 10 Kenny, Jos. grocer and spirit dealer, 20l., 25l.

here Abbey-street, Upper, intersects

[11 to 14—22l. to 24l.]

11 Tenements,

12 Jaques, Henry, carver,

13 and 14 Tenements,

15 Charitable Infirmary, Wm. Magrath, resident apothecary

16 to 18 Tenements, 20l., 16l., 16l.

19 Keenan, Miss, dressmaker, 15l.

20 Higgins, Robert, coach and harness and electro-plater, 28l.

21 Tyndall, Anna, & Co. winemers. 40l.

„ Tyndall, Alexander, esq.

22 Kirk, Joseph R. r.h.a. a.b. t.c.d. sculptor—res. 8 Haddington-rd. 26l.

„ Howis, William, and Son, artists

23 Tenements, 18l.

here Mary-street intersects

24, 25, 26, and 29 Todd, Burns, & Co. silk mercers, shawlmen, linen, and wool, drapers, tailors, hatters, boot and shoemaks. upholsterers, carpet warehousemen, cabinet makers, haberdashers, hosiers, glovers, jewellers, lacemen, outfitters for emigration purposes, & for family and general mourning, 318l.

27 Tenements, 35l.

28 Farrell, Miss Bridget A. 23l.

„ Farrell, Patrick, brassfounder

29 Todd, Burns, and Co. 28l.

30 Donnelly, Joseph, coachmaker, 30l.

„ Tucker, T. bookbinder

31 and 32 Tenements, 22l., 21l.

33 Wirthwood, Edward, painter, 27l.

34 Orson, James, coachmaker, 20l.

35 to 37 Tenements, 18l., 25l., 16l.

here Britain-street, Great, intersects

39 Brannagan, Mary, staymaker, 21l.

40 and 41 Tenements, 15l. to 18l.

42 Kincaid, John, agent, 28l.

„ Rutherford, Jane, plumasier and furrier

43 Tenements, 18l.

44 Orphan and Daily School of Denmark-street Chapel.

45 Stewart, Mrs. Cath. lodging ho. 16l.

„ Jackson, Thomas, coal merchant

46 Tenements, 16l.

47 Dunne, Matthew, tailor, 16l.

48 to 51 Tenements, 10l. to 22l.

52 Building ground

53 Tenements, 30l.

54 M'Adam, Mr. Hugh, 30l.

55 Tenements, 35l.

56 Campbell and Co. brass founders, gas fitters, and lamp makers, and 48 Mary street

here Mary-street intersects

57 Tenements, 23l.

58 Tickle, Geo. cabinet maker, 30l.

59 Hartley, Robert, engineer and machinist, & printers' smith, &c. 25l.

60 Davis, Samuel, glass warehouse, and 137 and 138 Abbey street, 38l.

here Abbey-street, Upper, intersects

61 Moore, Cunningham, bookbind. 12l.

62 Hickey, Jno. painter & glazier, 22l.

„ Dempsey, John, slater & builder

63 Anderson, Thomas, cabinet maker, upholsterer, pony phaeton & bath chair manufacturer, 15l.

64 Tenements, 25l.

65 Society of the B. V.M. Queen of Charity—Mich. J. Mallon, secretary, 24l.

66 Tenements, 15l.

67 and 68 Clibborn & Shaw, corn and flour factors, 27l., 18l.

69 Franklin, John D. paper stainer & decorator, and floor cloth manufacturer, and 11 College green—res. Birchfield house, Fairview, Richmond, 7l.

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