SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Merrion-square, N. to Denzille-st.

P. St. Peter.—2 to 17 Trinity W. 18 to 35 South Dock W.—City.

A Pillar Letter-box at the corner of Merrion-square, North.

2 Byrne, Thos. fur. lodg. house, 32l.

here Holles-place intersects

3 Smyth, Mesdames, court milliners, and dressmaks. to the nobility, 26l.

4 Bolton, Mr. William, 27l.

5 Evans, W. lodging-house, 30l.

6 Creagh, Simon, solicitor, and Sidney lodge, Booterstown, 30l.

„ Ryan, John, solicitor

7 Browne, Matthew, solicitor, 24l.

8 Baker, Mary Anne, ladies' sem. 38l.

here Denzille-lane intersects

9 Magee, Mrs. 44l.

10 Tacre, Edward, lodging house, 42l.

11 Rowlands, Mrs. Lucinda, 38l.

12 Vacant, 38l.

13 Thornhill, John Badham, secretary, Royal Agricultural Society, 38l.

14 Kay, William, lieut. half-pay, 36l.

15 Thomas, Mr. Robt. lodging-ho. 40l.

16 Jones, Thos. barrister, and Donnybrook, Douglas, county Cork, 38l.

17 Donnelly, William, grocer and spirit merch. & 24 Wentworth-pl. 38l.

here Denzille-st. & Wentworth-pl. intersect

18 Donnelly, Wm. wine & spirit strs. 40l.

19 Hennessey, Miss, prof, of music, 24l.

20 Robinson, Rev. William, and Glebe house, Tallaght, 24l.

21 Dunne, Thomas, esq. 30l.

„ Wespendorf, Herr Emilius, professor of German

„ Sampson, Madame, pianist

22 Levy, John, barrister, 30l.

23 Grandison, Hen. Ord. Sur. Office, 30l.

„ Grandison, Chas. professor of music and singing, and organist of the Bethesda Chapel

24 Walters, Mr. George, 30l.

25 De Renier, Madame, 30l.

26 Vacant, 30l.

27 Ryan, William, barrister, 30l.

28 Freke, Mrs. 36l.

„ Freke, H. esq. m.d. t.c.d. f.c.p. physician to Steevens' hospital, and professor of the practice of physic in Steevens' hospital, school of medicine

here Holles-row intersects

29 Foster, Josh. furnished lodgs. 36l.

30 Hatchell, Mrs. Emily, 50l.

31 Chapman, Wm. lodging house, 50l.

32 King, James, coal factor, 32l.

32½ Vacant, 9l.

33 Hughes, P. H. professor of music and singing, and organist of St. Mark's church, 25l.

„ Murphy, Jno. m.d. accouch. m.r.c.e.

34 Moore, Mrs. lodging-house, 25l.

„ Moore, John, engineer

„ Moore, Charles, engineer

35 Griffin, Wm. furnished lodgings, 40l.

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