SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Liffey-street, Up. to Sackville-street.

P. St. Mary, 1 to 25, and 34 to 61. P. St. Thomas, 26 to 33.—North City W.—City.

1 The Canton Tea Co. dealers in tea, coffee, and wines, 36l.

„ Ennis, J. C. merchant

2 Troy, John, hosier, button and trimming warehouse, 38l.

„ Rooney, Patrick M. solicitor, and 9 Cabra parade

3 Stoddart, Robert, cabinet and upholstery warerooms, 63l.

4 Mills, G. F. house painter and decorator, 50l.

„ Power, The Misses, cap and bonnet makers, and milliners

5 Rounds, Edwd. paper hanging manufacturer and floor cloth warehouse, 84l.

6 Byrne, J. J., cabinetmaker, upholsterer, auctioneer, valuator, house agent, and undertaker, 54l.

7 Thompson, O'Neill, & Co. razor and surgical instrument makers and cutlers to Her Majesty and the Lord Lieutenant, 58l.

8 Pemberton, Benjamin, & Son, boot and shoe wareho. & importers, 62l.

9 & 10 Talty, Murphy, & Co. hosiers, glovers, perfumers, haberdashers, and shirtmakers, and importers of Berlin wools, 110l.

11, 12, 13, 14 & 15, Cannock, White, & Co. general drapers and house furnishers, and importers of Berlin wool and embroidery, 960l.

16 Armstrong and Brooks, chemists, druggists, and perfumers, 65l.

17 Shannon, Maria, confectioner, 63l.

„ O'Brien, Thos. J. merchant tailor

„ Powell, Edward, jeweller

18, 19, & 20 Fawcett, Benj. & Co, direct wine importers, tea, coffee provision, & general merchants, 170l.

„ Fawcett, Benjamin, esq. 16 Garville avenue, Rathgar

21 Sweeny, Mrs. stationer and periodical agent, 34l.

21½ Gibson, George, watch and clock maker, and jeweller

22 & 23 Boland, A. draper & haberdasher, 32l., 40l.

„ Fawcett, Mrs. dressmaker

24 & 25 Strahan, Robert, & Co. cabinet makers, upholsterers, auctioneers, and undertakers, and factory, 29 Prince's-street, north, 52l.

26 Magrane, Mark, tobacco and snuff manufacturer, 58l.

27 Comerford, Thomas, jeweller, and fancy warehouse

„ Reilly, William, hosier, glove, shirt maker, and outfitter

28 Balfe, Joseph, hosier, glover, shirt-maker, and general outfitter, 56l.

29 Carrigan, Mrs. importer of foreign lace, embroidery, flowers, &c. 32l.

„ Carrigan, Mr. Edward

30 Betts, George Charles, direct wine importer, tea dealer, and coffee roaster; The Times' tea warehouse, 58l.

31 Ball and Co.'s Bank—Close, Henry Samuel, esq. Newtown park, Co. Dublin; Close, Robt. Barry, esq. The Hill, Monkstown; Close, Saml. Holt, esq. 2 Leinster-street, 165l.

„ Thorp, Joseph D. esq.

„ Dudgeon, James, and Son, agents to the County Fire and Provident Life Offices of London, and 113 Grafton street

here Sackville-street intersects

31½ Healy, Fras. mercht. tailor, 33l.

32 Power, Pk. grocer & spirit merch. 55l.

33 Falkner, P. wine & spirit dealer, 34l.

here Off-lane intersects

34 Gahagan, John Richard, milliner and outfitter, 46l.

35 Daly, Jas. apothecary, a.b. m.b. 48l.

36 Gilligan, Eliza, confectioner, 48l.

37 Shea, Thomas, general cutler and surgical instrument maker, 48l.

38 Jennings, Mountifort, jeweller, 48l.

39 O'Callaghan, J. M. fancy baker, 20l.

39½ Erson, Wm. Ledger, l.m. dentist, chemist, & druggist—res. Mount Vernon, Dollymount, 50l.

40 Reilly, James, hatter, 24l.

41 Whyte, James, cutler and surgical instrument maker, 40l.

here Moore-street intersects

42 Power, Patrick, grocer and spirit merchant, and 32, 68l.

43 Brunton, William, and Co. cabinet and upholstery warerooms—res. 14 Royal Canal-terrace, 70l.

„ Dick, And. B. & 14 Royal Canal-ter.

44 Bentley, Samuel, upholsterer and cabinetmaker, 63l.

45 Barrington, Matilda, baby-linen and millinery warehouse, 33l.

45½ Tenements, 30l.

46 Smyth, Wm. ladies' shoemaker, 58l.

47 Gorman, Wm. licentiate apoth. 87l.

„ Moss, Samuel, fancy chip and hat box manufacturer

48 Allen, Wm. chemist & druggist, 75l.

49 Lowry, Daniel B. bootmaker, 45l.

50 Telford, John, the crystal palace china, glass, lamp and lustre warehouse, 108l.

51 Kellett, Francis, hat manufac. 36l.

52 Gater, William, fancy bazaar, 36l.

53 Dwyer, Robert, vintner, 40l.

here Cole's-lane intersects

54 Gibbons, Peter, tailor & draper, 40l.

55 Gatchell, Saml. & Sons, beam and scale manufacturers, and house-furnishing ironmongers, 97l.

56 Giller, Miss, furniture broker, 45l.

„ Connolly, Robert T. trunk and portmanteau manufacturer

57 Pakenham, Daniel, state apoth. 50l.

58 Morrison, H. & Son, hat man. 55l.

59 Ward, Luke & Co. importers and manufacturers of millinery and straw bonnets, & fancy drapers, 55l.

60 Durham, Barry, upholsterer and cabinetmaker, 54l.

„ Fallon, Brothers, general drapers

[61 to 62—57l.]

61 M'Neill, John, cabinet mkr.—res. 9 Royal Canal-terrace,

62 Corbett, Jn. & Co. manufacturers of upholsterers' trimmings, & importers of window curtain materials

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