SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From College-green to Stephen's-green, N.

P. St. Mark.—P. St. Anne, 2 to 95. P. St. Andrew, 96 to the end. Provost's House, Trinity W. 2 to 95, Royal Exchange W. 96 to 110 South City W.—City.

Provost's house of Trinity College—Rev. R. M'Donnell, d.d. provost, 420l.

here Nassau-street intersects

2 Yeates, G. and Son, opticians and mathematical instrument makers to the University, & Vicar's lodge, South Circular road, 100l.

3 Robertson, John, bookseller and publisher, and Albion terrace, Rathgar, 94l.

„ Yoakley, Mr. Richard

4 Bradshaw Robt. and Son, moreen, damask, and furnit. fringe manuf. and Berlin wool importers, 94l.

„ Bradshaw, Mr. John F.

5 Plunket, Walt. hosier, shirtmaker, and general outfitter, 86l.

„ Mayfield, Charles J. watchmaker & jeweller

6 De Veaux, Henry J. & Son, haberdashers, importers of Berlin wool, beads and canvas, 94l.

here Adam-court intersects

7 Nicholson, C. B. bookseller and stationer, 80l.

8 Kelly, W. B. bookseller, publisher, & 8 Adam court, 66l.

9 Morgan, Joseph, hat manufac. 135l.

„ Auguste, Mdm. French corset mkr.

10 Mitchell, Sarah, confectioner to Her Majesty and the Lord Lieut. 98l.

11 Perry, John, portmanteau and military outfitter, & Tourville, Rathmines, 70l.

12 and 13 Royal hotel & tavern—Horatio Thomas Jude, prop. and Westfield house, Harold's Cross rd. 140l., 150l.

14 Tharel, Peter, soap boiler & tallow chandler to Her Majesty, 125l.

„ Callaghan, John, teacher of mathematics, civil and mil. engineering

15 to 17 Brown, Thomas, and Co. gen. drapers & haberdashers, and 6 Duke street, 470l.

18 Cornish, Jas. theological, new and second-hand, and miscellaneous bookseller, 77l.

„ Smallman, The Misses, dressmkrs.

19 O'Hanlon, John, fancy haberdasher, trimming, brush, and whalebone merchant, 77l.

20 Hedgelong, Charles, new & secondhand bookseller, and No. 26, 88l.

„ Jones, Robert, merchant tailor and woollen draper

„ Burkitt, Mrs. dress warerooms

here Duke-street intersects

21 Bolger & Co. wine and spirit merchants, 110l.

22 Laird, John, hairdresser, patent peruke maker, and perfumer, 65l.

23 Kelly, Maria, tobacconist, 63l.

„ Huston, William, draper, haberdasher, and outfitter

24 and 25 Vacant, 63l., 36l.

26 Hedgelong, Charles, bookseller, and No. 20, 42l.

27 Henry and Co. family mourning warehouse, 82l.

here Grafton-street, Little, intersects

28 Flood, George John, vintner, 78l.

29 Keegan, J. military bootmaker, 50l.

30 Dewer, Jas. H. jeweller and fancy dealer, 75l.

31 Read, Thos. foreign cigar mer. 68l.

32 Haiz and Isele, watch and clock makers, jewellers, &c. 58l.

33 Topham and White, watchmakers, goldsmiths, and jewellers, 90l.

here Anne-street, South, intersects

34 Kelly, Jane A. fruiterer to H.R.H. the Prince of Wales and the Lord Lieutenant, 65l.

34½ Genece, R. tobacconist, 26l.

35 M'Dowell, Brothers, jewellers and fancy dealers, 30l.

„ Kerr, G. H. cigar dealers

36 Malone, Isaac, tea dealer and wine merchant, 75l.

37 Johnson, Thos. wholesale and retail family druggist, spice merchant, and perfumer, 95l.

38 Dutch, Lesser, cigar dealer, 72l.

„ Masterson, E. & P. hosiers & shirt outfitters

39 Lawrence, John, toy warehouse, the Civet Cat Bazaar, and photographic gallery, 74l.

40 Casey, John, hosiery, haberdashery, Berlin wool, and French traced muslin warehouse, 70l.

„ Casey, Mrs. millinery and straw bonnet warehouse

41 Fannin, & Co. medical and general booksellers, stationers, medical reading rooms, surgical instruments, 88l.

„ Fitzgerald, John, sol. and Tarbert, co. Kerry

„ Windle, James Fitzgerald, solicitor, and Tarbert, co. Kerry

„ Douglass, Mrs. Elizabeth, embroidery, lace mending and cleaning establishment, 130l.

42 Nicoll, Ben. patent shirt and collar maker, and agent for Nicoll's registered paletot, 75l.

„ Nicoll, Benjamin, esq.

43 Flavelle, Henry E. jeweller, watchmaker, and electro-plater, 90l.

„ Flavelle, William, bog oak carver

Irish Society for Promoting the Employment of Women

44 Daniel, Patrick, tinplate worker, brazier, ironmonger, manufacturing smith, and hardware merchant, 100l.

„ Daniel, P. esq. 72l.

45 Supple, J. wholesale glove manufac.

46 Dillon, Luke Wellesley, wholesale artists', colourman, picture-frame and cornice manufacturer, 70l.

47 Addey, George and Co. military and merchant tailor, shirt-cutter, clothier, &c. 75l.

„ Eustace, Marcus, surg. & physician, and Highfield, Drumcondra, and Hampstead house private Lunatic Asylum, Glasnevin

„ Eustace, John, physician & surgeon, and Hampstead house private Lunatic Asylum, Glasnevin, & Highfield, Drumcondra

48 Hardman, Jno. & Co. stone carvers, church furnishers, & decorators, and 1 Camden-street, upper, 75l.

„ Early, Thomas, church decorator

49 Marsh, Mary A. & Reynolds, Emily F. confectioners, 70l.

50 Kinslagh, John E. medical hall, apothecary and chemist, 68l.

51 Carson, Wm, bookseller, publisher, stationer, & stamp retailer, 85l.

„ Bernard, Sol. umbrella, parasol, & fancy stick manufacturer

here Stephen's-green, North, and King-street, South, intersect

54 Brady, Elizabeth, confectioner, 75l.

55 O'Callaghan, John M. baker, 35l.

„ Cahill, Miss Mary, vestments warerooms

56 Robinson, Wm. tabinet and Irish poplin manufacturer, 36l.

„ Moss, Mrs. Jane Eliza, practical metal engraver

57 Nicholson, Thomas, and Son, linen-drapers, hosiers, & outfitters, 36l.

58 Laird, Mrs. Susanna, hairdresser, peruke maker, and perfumer, 45l.

„ Dobson, The Misses, court dress & millinery warerooms

59 Grady and O'Neill, ladies' outfitting, juvenile, & baby linen wareho. 67l.

60 Keatinge, Mrs. Catherine, grocer, tea and wine importer, and spirit merchant, 58l.

61 Young and Groves, auctioneers, valuators, undertakers, furniture and upholstery warerooms, and Royal Circus, 11 & 12 Bachelor's walk, 120l.

here Tangier-lane intersects

62 Tyndall, Wm. J. miltr. bootmkr. 63l.

„ Sweeny, Edmond, hair wig dresser, and perfumer

63 M'Nestry and Co. hosiers, shirt-cutters, and outfitters, 68l.

„ Moss, John T. London dining rooms

here Chatham-street intersects

64 Lambert, Brien, and Company, wax chandlers and lamp oil mers. to Her Majesty, lamp oil refiners, soap merchants, &c. 110l.

65 Robinson, James, optician, philosophical artist, Polytechnic museum, and photographic galleries, and Herbert hill, Dundrum, 105l.

66 Cohen, Lewis, tobacconist, 64l.

66½ Lavender, Chris. mercht. chimney can, drainpipe, cement, plaster of Paris, and general stores—res. 26 Mount pleasant-avenue, upper, 18l.

67 Payne, Mrs. confectioner, 75l.

68 Anderson and Adams, apothecaries and chemists, Medical Hall, 100l.

„ Anderson, Edward, apothecary, &c.

„ Adams, George, apothecary, &c.

69 Singer, Isaac M. & Co. manuf. of American sewing machines, 70l.

70 Browne & Payne, mercht. clothiers, and 12 and 13 Lr. Sackville-st. 84l.

„ Browne, Robert—res. Kensington, Roundtown

„ Payne, Geo. F.—res. 26 Gardiner-street, lower

here Harry-street intersects

71 Rogers, Baker, and Co. tailors and drapers, & military outfitters, 95l.

„ Rogers, Joseph, and 4 Manders'-terrace, Ranelagh

„ Hains, Mrs. mill. & court dress mkr.

„ North, Thomas, photographist

72 Porter, Joshua, printer, bookseller, and stationer, 96l.

„ Evans, Mrs. dress warerooms

73 Cameron, Alex. silk mercer, 92l.

„ Cameron, Mrs. mantle milliner and dress warerooms

74 Atkinson, Frances, baby linen and children's dress warehouse, 85l.

„ Goggin, Jeremiah, bog oak carver to Her Majesty, jeweller, &c.

75 Adolphe, Edgar, photographic artist gallery

76 Ladies' Industrial Society for Ireland—Manager, Mr. John Boswell, 80l.

„ Nolan, Mrs. ladies' outfitting and babylinen warehouse

Sempstress' Society—Eliza Murphy, matron

77 Dillon, Anna, mourning rooms, 85l.

„ Cannon and O'Brien, corset and dress warerooms

„ Tonge, Kate and Mary, milliners and haberdashers

„ O'Brien, John, commission agent, jeweller, and dealer in Geneva watches

78 Ahlborn, Julius, photographer, picture frame maker, & print seller, 100l.

79 Bellew, Gerald, bookbinder, bookseller, wholesale stationer, lithographer, & circulating library, 84l.

Post Office Receiver—Gerald Bellew, receiver

„ Myers, Fredk. photographic artist

80 Johnston, Rd. grocer & wine merch. & 7 Clifton-ter. Monkstown, 90l.

„ Hopkins, Mr. Nicholas

here Johnston's-court intersects

81 and 82 Ruins

83 Falkner, Francis, grocer and wine merchant, 150l.

84 Whitestone, Geo. T. ironmonger, cutler, brushmkr. & coal mercht. —res. Montebello, Blackrock, 115l.

85 Wynne, George F. boot and shoe emporium, 100l.

86 Martin and Jones, chemists and apothecaries, 75l.

„ Martin, Domnk. apothe. m.r.c.s.e.

87 Jameson, John, watch and clock maker, 75l.

„ Sidney, Algernon, dentist

88 Smith, Thos. glass & china mer. 90l.

„ Andrews, William, photographer

„ Murphy, Richard, hairdresser and perfumer

89 Melmer, Edward, watchmaker and jeweller, electro-plater, &c. 86l.

90 Mansfield, William, dressing-case maker to the Lord Lieutenant, 95l.

„ Mansfield, George, photographer

91, 92, and 93 Commercial Hall Co. gen. drapers & haberdashers, and 43, 44, & 46 Wicklow-st.—Switzer, Ferguson & Co. proprietors, 450l.

„ Reid, John H. jun. esq. 5 Victoria-terrace, Rathgar

„ Switzer, John W. esq. 38 Waterloo-road, and Moyvalley house, Co. Kildare

„ Salter, Rich. esq. Sion lodge, Blackrock

„ Beatty, James, general draper, &c.

94 Weekes, Francis, ladies' and gentlemen's general outfitter, 75l.

95 Tallon, Jno. jun. stationer, account-book and envelope manufacturer, and 20 Cabra parade, 60l.

here Wicklow-street intersects

96 Boon, John, shirtmaker, hosier, glover, importer of French scarfs, &c. 105l.

97 M'Master and Son, watch and clock manufacturers, and Garville, Rathgar, 85l.

98 Seale, E. and W. shirt cutters, and military outfitters, 90l.

„ Sutherland, Ebenezer, dentist

99 Barklie, Mrs. F. family mourning establishment, 98l.

100 & 101 Forrest, James, silk mercer, and Roebuck house, 90l., 160l.

„ Forrest, James, jun., silk mercer

102 Higginbotham, Edw. china, glass, lamp, and lustre merchant to the Lord Lieutenant, and 7 Drumcondra terrace, 155l.

„ Callinan, Thomas, esq. and 3 Waterloo buildings, Nth. strand

102 & 103 Manning, Jos. silk mercer and importer of foreign goods, and Fortfield, Templeogue, 140l.

„ Manning, Mrs. Harriet, milliner, dress maker and outfitter

104 Hodges, Smith, & Co. booksellers & publishers to the University and Royal Dublin Society, and agents for the sale of the Ordnance Survey Maps of Ireland, 135l.

„ Foster, Mr. William

105 Ferguson & Co. vulcanized Indian rubber, gutta percha, and waterproof manufacrs. & patentees, 80l.

106 Poyntz, Benjamin, & Co. hosiers, glovers, and outfitters, 60l.

here Suffolk-street intersects

107 Oldham, G. & Co. pharmaceutical chemists, apothecaries, and perfumers, 110l.

108 Allen, Charles, Irish lace manuf. and importer of foreign goods, 90l.

„ Allen, Sarah M. manufacturing outfitter, baby linen and embroidery warerooms, & ladies' outfitter to the Irish court

109 Acheson, Wm. goldsmith, jeweller, and watchmaker, and Gosford-house, Grosvenor road, Rathmines, 110l.

English and Irish Church and University Assurance Society—John Whittington, resident secretary—(see advertisement)

„ Whittington, John, sec. for Ireland of the English and Irish Church and University Assur. Soc.

110 Bentley and Son, house and land agents, auctioneers, and valuators; auction rooms, 161 Capel-street, and 12 Wood-quay, 94l.

„ Bentley & Son, agents to British Commercial Life & Globe Insurance Cos. of London

„ Bentley, W. W. esq.—res. FoxRock, Stillorgan

„ Bentley, John, esq.—residence, 3 Oaklands Villas, Old Rathgar rd.

111 Brunker, Thomas, watchmaker, jeweller, and manufacturer of masonic ornaments, 95l.

„ Brunker, Thomas, Paris clock warerooms

112 Pigott, S. J. music and musical instrument seller & publisher, 135l.

113 Dudgeon & Chaytor, Government stock & railway share brokers, 115l.

„ Dudgeon, Henry Jas. Government stock and railway share broker, agent to the British Guarantee Association—res. 19 Longford-terrace, Monkstown

„ Chaytor, William, Government stock and share broker—res. 4 Idrone-terrace, Blackrock

„ Dudgeon, James, and Son, agents to the County Fire and Provident Life Offices of London, and to the Railway Passengers' Assurance Co. and at Ball's Bank, Henry-street (see advertisement)

Art Union of IrelandGeorge F. Mulvany, esq. r.h.a. sec. (see advertisement)

„ Killingley, Mr. T. Henry

„ Mulvany, George F. esq. r.h.a. portrait painter

114 Alliance and Dublin Consumers' Gas Co.—J. Stevenson, sec. 190l.

115 Cranneld, Thos. printseller, carver, and gilder, and photographer—res. Airfield, Dundrum, 130l.

„ Cartwright & Davis, surg. dentists

„ Davis, John, surgeon dentist

116 Ponsonby, Edward, law and general bookseller, and stationer, 105l.

„ Mortimer and Taylor solicitors

„ Taylor, John, solr. and Waterford

„ Mackessy, Hen. V. sol. & Waterford

Office of Irish Jurist

117 Herbert, George, bookseller and publisher, 75l.

118 Annesley, Richard, bonnet manuf. to the Queen, importer of French bonnets, ribbons, &c.—res. Westhampton, Roundtown, 105l.

119 Madden, James, tobacconist, 37 College green, and 80 George's st. up. Kingstown, 95l.

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