SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Dame-street to Temple-bar.

P. St. Andrew.—South City W.—City.

1 M'Gauran, C. vintner, 24l.

2 Brown, Marmion, jeweller & silversmith, 40l.

„ Cox, Payne, & Co. tea merchants—J. Carton, agent

3 Grey, Thomas, house painter 28l.

„ Keville, H. working jeweller

4 Comyns, Patrick, tailor 24l.

„ Dunn, Joseph, tailor

5 Leggett, Wm. agent for manufs. 24l.

„ Fogarty, Michael, tailor

„ Murphy, Mrs. M. A. loan office

6 Matson, Charles, commission agent, agent to Moffat and Co. tea merchants 21l.

„ Tandy, Charles, engraver

7 Figgis, John, grocery, foreign, and general commission agent, and agent to Muspratt, Brothers, &c.

„ Sheppard, F. artist

„ Goulding, Samuel, commission agt.

here Cecilia-st. and Temple-bar intersect

8 Brown, William, jeweller, 6l.

„ Brady, Patrick, house painter

„ Brady, Robert, house painter

„ Reilly, Rosanna, vintner 28l.

9 Manders, Richard, and Company, bakers, 114 James's-street, 49 Moore-street, Church-street, 142 Baggot-street, 28 Camden-street, and 6 Rathgar-road, 38l., 35l.

„ Whitton, John

10 Devitt, Richard, tea merchant, and Commercial Buildings

11 Fisher, J. mercantile agent, 27l.

12 & 13 Wade, Arth. agt. for Jno. Jeffreys & Co. brewers, Edinburgh, Messrs. E. J. De St. Ours and Co. wine merchants, Bordeaux, 12l., 26l.

14 Deering, L. H. wine vaults & stores, and 52 Dame-street, 23l.

15 With 1 Cope-street, 28l.

here Cope-street intersects

16 Magrath, Mat. wholesale grocer, and 18 Cope-street, 26l.

17 Taylor, Geo. civil engineer & land agent, and The Lodge, Leinster-road, west, Rathmines, and Rathgilbert, Ballylinan, Queen's co. 21l.

„ Taylor, Arthur Creagh, architect, and The Lodge, Leinster-road, west, Rathmines

18 Hipwell, Sam. How. wholesale mer.—res. 17 Wellington-quay, 17l.

19 Reynolds, Thomas, esq. office of, Marshal of Dublin, and registrar of pawnbrokers in Ireland, 25l.

20 Brady, Henry, general agent, 25l.

„ Meyler, Walter Thomas, merchant, agent to Binks, Conway, and Simmons, wholes. tea merch. London —res. Cabra

„ Meyler, Walter Thos. jun. mercht.

21 Lockett, Johnston & Son, tailors, 25l.

22 Nagle & Son, house and land agents & auctioneers, and agents to the London Equitable Life Insurance Sec. 64 Chancery-lane, London, and general commis. agents, 25l.

„ Couniham, M. J. cornl. agt. & Liverpl.

23 Garter, Adolph, clock maker, 23l.

24 Cranwell, John, and Co. city wine and spirit vaults, 23l.

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