SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Bedford-row to D'Olier-slreet.

P. St. Andrew, 1 to 21, and 40 to 58. P. St. Mark, 22 to 39. South City W.—City.

1 Fagan, Josh. tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 33l.

2 Goyer, David, manuf. jeweller, 28l.

„ Crowley, W. J. civil engineer and manager of Irish Trade Protection agency

3 Bambick, A. dressmaker, 24l.

4 Smyth, J. pianoforte manufac. 27l.

„ Lord, H. and Co. coal merchants

5 Johnson, Edmond, goldsmith and jeweller, 34l.

6 Lewis, Fred. wholes. perfumer, and refined soap manufactur. and 41 Leinster road, Rathmines, 37l.

7 Codd, Francis, merchant, 32l.

„ Codd, Francis, j.p.—res. Strickland-ho. Stradbrook, Blackrock

8 M'Donnell, Robt. mer. tailor, 33l.

„ Powell, John H. patent medicine agent

9 Wisdom, John, and Co. wine merchants and foreign agents, 48l.

„ Wisdom, John H. esq. j.p. Portuguese consul

„ Wisdom, J. esq. Clonlilfe

„ Wisdom, H. C. esq. London and Jerez, Spain

„ Wisdom, T. H. esq. consul for Hamburgh, and general agent, and agt. to Eagle and Palladium Insurance Company

10 Reynolds, John, alderman, j.p. 58 Charles-st. gt. and Adragoole, Kiltormer, near Ballinasloe, 32l.

„ Reynolds, John Charles, solicitor, and 58 Charles-street, great

„ Scallan, R. J. & Co. gen. foreign commission and wine merchants, and marine insurance brokers

„ Conway, W. F. land agent and surveyor

11 Litton, Daniel, wine mercht. office and wine vaults, 45l.

„ Litton, Danl. esq. & 9 Waterloo-rd.

„ Harding, Falkiner, esq.

12 Munster Chambers (see that head)

here Lee's-lane intersects

13 General Advertiser—Gunn and Cameron, proprietors, 120l.

„ Cameron, John, esq. & Springfield, Newtown Park-avenue

„ Coppinger, Stephen William, solicitor, and Farmley, Dundrum

14 Coppinger, Joseph William,solicitor, and Farmley, Dundrum, 38l.

„ Waters, Henry, wine merchant, and Rockfield, Dalkey

15 Hunt, Vere, money broker 41l.

„ Glenville, Albert, engraver on silver

16 Acton and Worthington, wine merchants, 52l.

„ Acton, Wm. merchant, & Abilene, Newtown park avenue, Blackrock

„ Worthington, Raymond P. mercht. and 7 Mountpleasant avenue

17 Reilly, John, musical instrument maker, 47l.

„ Jesson, C. engraver, heraldic artist and lithographer

18 Kennan, Michael, solicitor, and 40 Northumberland-avenue, Kingstown, 45l.

„ Kennan, Richard, solicitor—res. 40 Northumberland aven. Kingstown

„ Forster, Adam Samuel, solicitor

„ Pennington, John, solicitor, and Lisburn

„ Smith, John, solicitor, and Cashel

„ Galvin, Michael, solicitor

„ Hayden, Wm. jun. solicitor, and sub-sheriff co. Kilkenny

„ Labertouche, Abel William, notary public & stockbroker—res. Tinacurra, Killiney

„ Bagot, Charles A. solicitor—res. 34 Rathmines-road

„ Ambrose, Joseph, solicitor

„ Stone, John, solicitor, and returning officer for city and county Kilkenny, and Prince Edward terrace, Blackrock

„ Kennedy, Samuel, sol. and Lisburn

„ Wall, Luke, solicitor, and Hillton, Ballinteer, Dundrum

here Price's-lane intersects

19 Devine, John, and Sons, plumbers and brassfounders, 42l.

„ Walsh, Nicholas, engraver

„ Hopkins, James, artistic and commercial lithographer

20 and 39 Bussell's pianoforte warerooms, & 7 Westmoreland st. 30l.

„ Hewson, R. and T. wine merchants

21 Sandford, John, grocer, wine, tea, and spirit merchant, 30l.

„ Sandford, James, commission agt. and 55 Middle Abbey-street

here Westmoreland-street intersects....

22 Hunt, Robert, & Co. drapers, 28l.

23 Davidson, Abraham, commis. agent

„ Davidson, Wolfe, sponge and cigar importer, and steel pen manufac. 24,25, & 26 Fry, Wm. & Co. stores, 65l.

27 Kelly, Mrs. W. board and lodging-house, 27l.

here D'Olier-street intersects

28 Doyle, Denis, grocer, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 58l.

29 & 30 Walsh, Jn. groc. wine, & spirit merch.; and 6 College-st. 30l., 33l.

31 M'Cabe, Christopher, dairy, 22l.

32 to 35 Vacant, 33l., 35l., 35l., 35l.

36 Cullen, Anthony, grocer, tea, wine, and spirit merchant 30l.

37 and 38 The Manx Arms and Provincial hotel—William Henry Murray, and master mariner, 52l.

38a Doyle, James, vintner

here Westmoreland-street intersects

39 Bussell, H. pianoforte warerooms, 7 Westmoreland street, & 20 Fleet street, 38l.

40 and 41 Marcus Moses and Co. pianoforte warerooms, 56l., 60l.

„ Dubedat, John, stockbroker, and 23 Pembroke-place

42 Oldham, Henry, solicitor, and commissioner for affidavits in courts of England, C. P. and Court of Probate 60l.

„ Oldham, Henry, agent for the Eagle Life Insurance Co. of London

„ Peile, Henry, commercial agent—residence, St. James's, Seafield avenue, Monskstown

„ Beauchamp, E. M. sol. & Limerick

„ Laffan, Daniel, solicitor, & Cashel

43 Collector-General of Taxes office—Michael Staunton, esq. Collector-general, 72l.

44 Lyster, Chas. & Co. wine merchants, agents for merchants in Spain, Oporto, Cognac, & Bordeaux, 52l.

„ Lyster, Charles, wine merchant

„ Vanston, John D. solicitor—res. Pearmount, Rathgar

45 White, R.T. letter prs. printer, 52l.

„ Glanville, Usher, solicitor, and 60 Leinster-road, Rathmines

„ Gibson, George, sol. and Waterford

„ Merrick, Thomas, solicitor

„ Corker, Thomas Ware, sol. Cork

„ Cronin, Robert Barry, sol. Cork

„ Gardner, Wm. Browning, sol. Cork

„ O'Brien, Donough, sol. Mitchelstown

„ Harris, John, solicitor, Cork

„ Sparks, Thomas, solicitor

„ Foot, William, solicitor

46 Fottrell, Thos. & Co. general merchants and malt factors, 50l.

„ Fottrell, Edwd. general merchant, and consul to Argentine. Republic—res. 4 Leeson-street, upper

„ Fottrell, Geo. D. sol. and agent to Eagle and Albion Life Assurance Co. London, & 18 Dominick-st. lr.

„ M'Namara, Michael, sol. & Galway

47 Mullany, John, printer & publisher, and Irish agent to Catholic Publishing and Bookselling Company, limited, and 1 Parliament-st. 58l.

„ Johnston, William, wine merchant and agent to the Unity Fire and International Life Assurance Co.

„ Johnston, J. Field, barrister—res. 27 Mountpleasant-square

here Parliament-row intersects

48 Colgan, Nat. pawnbroker—entrance to office, Parliament-row, 57l.

49 Office of the Warder and Evening Packet and Correspondent, J. Evans, printer and publisher, 37l.

50 O'Brien, Timothy, jun. merchant, Spanish consul, and consul for States of Parma & Placentia, 44l.

51 Woods, Jane, boot & shoemak. 23l.

52 Delany, Patrick, bookseller, and agent to Thomas Kimpton, parcel office, Liverpool, 23l.

53 Cahill, John, grocer and spirit merchant, 34l.

54 Byrne, James, prov. dealer, 20l.

55 Smith, Maryanne, prov. dealer, 20l.

56 Cass, Joseph, dairy, 25l.

57 Dunne, Esther, provision dealer, 22l.

58 Kavanagh, H. A. vintner and hotel keeper, 30l.

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