SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Wellington-quay to Essex-street, E.

P. St. John.—South City W.—City.

1 Gillham, C. & J. hatters, and 1 Wellington-quay, 95l.

2 Flynn, J. merch. & military tailor, 42l.

3 Kelly, Mary, vintner, 50l.

„ Kelly, Mr. James D.

4 & 5 Molloy, Connor, & Co. importer of woollens, 50l., 55l.

„ Molloy, J. H. merchant

„ Connor, W. G. merchant

„ Rosenthal, John D. solicitor, 34 Harcourt-street, and Misken terrace, Dalkey

here Essex-st. E. and Essex-gate intersect.

6 and 7 Foot, Lundy, and Co. tobacco and snuff manufacturers, and 2 Westmoreland-street, 105l., 52l.

8 Dowling, Miss M. vestments and church ornaments, religious prints, and theological book wareho. 25l.

9 Cassen, George, vintner, 52l.

10 Powell, William, bookseller, printer, and stationer

„ Committee rooms of the Association for the Propagation of the Faith—Rev. A. O'Connell, p.p. hon.sec. 62l.

„ Committee rooms of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul—Henry Devitt, esq. hon. secretary

11 Mason, Seacome, optician to the Lord Lieutenant, &c. 105l.

„ Colquhoun & Son, solicitors, and Londonderry

„ Colquhoun, David M. solicitor, and Londonderry

„ Colquhoun, Isaac, sen. solicitor, & Londonderry

„ Colquhoun, Isaac, jun. solicitor, & Londonderry

here Essex-bridge crosses the Liffey to Ormond-quay Upper and Lower.

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