Erne-street, Upper

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Denzille-st. to Brunswick-st. Great.

P. St. Mark.—South Dock W.—City.

1 and 2 Dixon, George, soap & candle manuf. oil merchant, &c. and Nos. 11 to 15; works, adjoining the Dublin & Kingstn. Railw. 20l., 28l.

3 and 4 Tenements, each 28l.

5 Colvin, Terence, builder, 23l.

6 Beggs, Ebenezer, house and ornamental painter and gilder—res. Shankill-view, Loughlinstown, 28l.

7 Building ground

8 and 9 Vacant

10 Ganly, Michl. grocer & spirit dlr.

here Erne-place intersects

11 to 15 Dixon, George, soap and candle manuf. and Nos. 1 & 2, 18l.

here Dublin and Kingstown R. intersects.

16 Magahan, Jas. sanitary inspector and state cupper, Erne lodge, 8l.

„ Magahan, Hugh B. esq.

17 Kynes, John, college porter, 15l.

18 Johns, Mrs. ladies' nursetender, 15l.

19 Cavendish, John, car owner, 15l.

20 Priestley, Mr. Robert, g.p.o. 15l.

21 Graham, Henry, coal factor, 15l.

22 Crampton, Mr. George, 15l.

23 Dignam, Joseph, mercan. clerk, 16l.

here Brunswick-street intersects

24 Building ground

25 Waters, Richard F. vestry clerk of St. Peter's, 10l.

26 Switzer, Mrs. Catherine, 10l.

27 Connell, Mrs. bookseller, 10l.

28 Colvin, Terence, carpenter and builder

29 Sexton, Thomas, clerk, 13l.

30 Morgan, Mr. Edwin, 13l.

31 Doyle, Mr. Charles, 13l.

32 Byrne, Mr. John, 13l.

33 Murphy, Mr. Denis, 13l.

34 Caffrey, Thomas, clerk, 13l.

35 Kenny, Mr. William, 13l.

„ Kenny, Mrs. embroideress

here Boyne-street, intersects

38 Tenements, 18l.

39 Regali, Joseph, confectioner, 18l.

40 Barrett, William, carpenter, 18l.

41 Roussell, Mr. Hippolite, 18l.

42 Browne, Mr. Henry, 20l.

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