SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Westmoreland-street to Fleet-street.

P. St. Mark.—1 to 16 South City W. 16½ to 28 Trinity W.—City.

1 Vacant

2 Scriber, John, watch maker to the Queen, Dublin and Geneva, and 23 Westmoreland-street

3 Meaze, John, coal merchant—res. Tivoli House, Clontarf, 37l.

„ Bliss, Alfred De Blois, income tax and public accountant, auctioneer, house, estate, and insurance agent to the Mitre Life Assurance and Family Endowment Association

4 M'Mahon, Edward, and Co. hosiers, glovers, and general outfitters, and agents to the Whitehaven and Wigan Coal Co.

5 Young, Thomas Joseph, coal and coke mer. & 26 Up. Dorset-st. 40l.

„ Seyer, W. P. commercial traveller

Dublin Coal Company

„ Nolan, Mary, cloak and dress mak.

6 Vacant

7 M'Cormick, J. coal merchant, and 46 and 48 City-quay, & Stradbrook House, Blackrock, 50l.

„ Scully, Robert, coal factor

„ Johnston, Robert, sol. and agent to the Professional Life Assurance Company—res. 7 Synnot-place

8 Jones, John F. literary and general aucr. & 36 York-rd. Kingstown, 58l.

„ Martin, Mr.

9 and 10 Dublin Tract Repository—Henry Bewley, esq. and Willowpark, Booterstown, 50l., 55l.

11 Fry, William, and Co. and 31 Westmoreland-street, 77l.

12 Irish Church Missions—Rev. C. F. MacCarthy, superintendent, 52l.

13 Jesson, Robt. gen. engraver, lithog. and copperplate printer, 52l.

„ Barnes, Edmund, United Kingdom Freight and Demurrage Society, and general offices for the protection of shipping

14 Pile, Thomas, coal merchant, and 4 Malakhoff-ter. Sandymount, 52l.

„ Reynolds, Thomas, prof. of dancing

15 Coleman, Benjamin, wholesale and retail confectioner, 52l.

16 Cantwell, James, proprietor of the Star and Garter hotel, 75l.

here Fleet-street intersects

16½ Cowan and Co. paper makers and wholesale stationers, and 1 and 14 Hawkins's-street, 90l.

17 Phoenix hotel, tavern, and coffee-house—John Burke, proprietor, and 2 Hawkins's-street, 56l.

18 Pruvot, Henri, hairdresser and perfumer, 60l.

19 and 20 Red Bank Oyster hotel—John C. Singleton, proprietor, 60l., 63l.

21 Cochrane, John, & Sons, sewed muslin manufacturers, and embroidery printers, 63l.

22 and 23 Income Tax office, 60l., 75l.

24 M'Birney, Collis, & Co. wholesale clothing manufacturers, and 17 Aston's-quay, 70l.

Dublin Library—O'Neill Jas. Mackle, secretary and librarian, 150l.

25 O'Connor, Patrick, wax and tallow chandler, 52l.

26 M'Cullagh, Patrick, poulterer, 48l.

here Leinster-market intersects

27 O'Brien, Christopher, London hotel and coffee house, 47l.

28 Carlisle Building

„ Kinahan, Sons, and Smyth, wine and spirit merchants, and grocers, stores & vaults, Hamilton-row, rere of 11 Merrion-square, north, and 8 Great Windmill-st. Haymarket, London—rectifying distillery, 4 Burgh-quay, 260l.

„ Kinahan, Edward H. merchant

„ Kinahan, George, merchant

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