SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Westmoreland-street to Dame-street.

P. St. Andrew.—South City W.—City.

Trinity College, 5,250l.

Bank of Ireland, 3,800l.

here Foster-place intersects

1 Simpson, Thos. seed merchant, 90l.

2 Norwich Union Fire and Life Assurance Societies—A. D. Kennedy, agent, 78l.

„ Brown, Craig, and Co. auditors and public accountants (see advertisement)

„ Brown, Henry, auditor and accountant—res. 12 Heytesbury-st.

„ Craig, William Graham, auditor and accountant—res. Sandymount

„ Kennedy, Alex. Deaves, solicitor

„ Ronan, Walter, solicitor

„ Mortimer, James Kennedy, solictr.

3 Gray, Robert & Co. bankers, 93l.

„ Gray, Robert, esq. and Temple-hill, Blackrock

„ Gray, John T. esq. & Temple-hill, Blackrock

National Fire, Life,and Marine Insurance Company—Jos. Todhunter, secretary (see advertisement) 200l.

„ Todhunter, Joseph, esq.

„ Bentley, Mark Cumberland, solr.—res. 4 Kenilworth-ter. Rathgar

4 Electric and International Telegraph Company—Bernard Dunne, chief clerk, 85l.

„ Brown, Craig, and Co. public accountants and auditors, agents for the Gresham Life Assurance Co. London

„ Porter, John, Government stock broker, agent to the Westminster Life Office, Sun Office, and Metropolitan Counties Life Office—res. 5 Crofton terrace, Kingstown

5 Royal Exchange Life and Fire Insurance Office—Corbet and Armstrong, Government stock and share brokers, agents, 80l.

„ Armstrong, Robert, Government stock and share broker

„ Corbet, Robert, Government stock & share broker—res. Sandymount Castle

here Anglesea-street intersects

6 Power and Reynolds, Government stock and share brokers, 120l.

„ Power, John, esq. & 48 Wellington-rd.

„ Reynolds, Francis D. stockbroker, and Wood Park, Rathmines, upr.

7 and 8 Jury's Commercial & Family hotel, & 2, 3, & 4 Anglesea st. 175l.

„ Jury, W. mer. & Tolka park, Cabra

8 Downes, Henry, public notary, stock broker, and agent to North British Fire & Life Insur. office, 6 Eglinton-terrace, Kingstown, 55l.

9 Patriotic Assurance Co. of Ireland—James Moncrief Wilson, esq. sec. res. 2 Annesley terrace, Rathgar; Wm. J. Hancock, esq. assist. sec. —res. 31 Wellington road (see advertisement), 110l.

10 Comyns, Alex. and Co. woollen drapers, 115l.

„ Comyns, Alex. esq. and Blackrock

„ Humphrys, Henry, esq. and 22 Upper Temple-street

11 Smyth and Du Bedat, Government stock and share broker's; agents to the Liverpool and London Fire and Life Assurance Co. and the Guarantee Society of London, 50l.

„ Du Bedat, William George, esq. and Ballybrack house, Killiney

„ Smyth, Geo. esq. & 41 Pembroke-pl.

Franklin's hotel—Elizabh. Franklin, proprietor, 65l.

„ Franklin, John D. oil cloth manufacturer, 61 and 62 Strand-street, great, and 69 Jervis-street

here Dame-street & Trinity-st. intersect.

12 Carroll, P. J. stationer and account book manufacturer, &c. 58l.

„ Richardson, Chas. F. heraldic engraver, and 8 Clanbrassil terrace

„ Rowlatt, Charles T. cutler and surgical instrument maker

13 Ryan, T. R. and Co. goldsmiths, jewellers, and watchmakers, 60l.

„ Robinson, John Joseph, tailor and draper

14 M'Court, John, saddler, 48l.

15 Gallie and M'Cormick, watch manufacturers, gold & silversmiths, 68l.

„ Hayes, Wm. attorney & solicitor

„ Hayes, Henry, solicitor

16 Scottish Provident Insurance Co.—Wm. Wilson, sec. and agent, 68l.

17 Guinness, Mahon, Hardy, & Co. land agents and bankers, and agents to London Union Assurance Co. 80l.

17 Mahon, John Ross, j.p. land agent, and Castlegar, Ahascragh

„ Guinness, Richard Seymour, esq. and Dunstaffnage, Stillorgan

„ Guinness, Henry, esq. and Burton hall, Stillorgan

„ Hardy, Thos. Rawdon, j.p. land agent—res. 9 Upper Mount street, Crescent

„ La Nauze, A. Curtis, Government stock & share broker & assist. agt. London Union Assurance Co. and Summerville, Cross-av. Booterstn.

„ Ratigan, James N. esq.

18 and 19 West and Son. goldsmiths. jewellers, and watchmakers to Her Majesty, and the Irish Court, 200l.

„ West, Jas. esq. j.p.—res. Shanganagh Grove, Ballybrack, Killiney

20 and 21 Bidgood, Reside, and Co. woollen drapers, 82l.

„ Reside, Jas. esq. Gowrie, Kingstown

„ Bounsall, John Tyeth, esq.—res.

21 Royal-terrace, Kingstown

21 Clay, William Keating, solicitor, and Meadow-bank, Rathfarnham

„ Clay, Robert Keating, solicitor, and Meadow-bank, Rathfarnham

„ Goff, James, solicitor—res. Sandymount

„ Burke. John Hogan, solicitor—res. Dalkey

„ O'Flaherty, Peter J. solicitor—res. Enniscorthy

22 Gaskin and Co. watch and clock makers, 70l.

„ Bullock, Geo. watchmaker—res. 22 Nelson-street,

23 British and Irish Magnetic Telegraph Co.—Thomas H. Sanger, superintendent—residence, 2 Burnett-place, Fairview, 105l.

24 Foley and Croker, button manul. and trimming warehouse, 95l.

„ Foley, H.

„ Croker, J.

„ Brophy, John, m.c.d.l. surgical and mechanical dentist

25 Waugh, David, wholesale woollen warehouseman—res. 11 Corrig-avenue, Kingstown, 90l.

„ Lett, George Carr, solicitor

„ Low, Wm. commission agent, and 5 Prince William terrace

26 Knaggs, Henry, perfumer and artificial hair manufacturer, 80l.

27 Scates, Joseph, pianoforte and harmonium warehouse, 95l.

here Church-lane intersects

28 Spears & Co. opticians to the Queen, agents for the sale of charts, and mathemat. instrument makrs. 110l.

County of Dublin Conservative Registration Society—T. H. Parkinson, secretary and solicitor—residence, 5 Richmond place, Mountjoy-sq.

Post Office Receiver and Money Order Office—Joseph White, receiver.

City of Dublin Conservative Registration Society—John Norwood, esq. treasurer: Geo. Woods Maunsell, j.p., and Henry Oliver Barker, hony. secretaries; Thomas Henry Atkinson, assistant secretary

„ Hetherington, Mr. Charles, and Ranelagh

„ White, Joseph, bookseller and publisher—res. 16 Heytesbury-place

29 Elkington, Mason, & Co. patentees of electro-plate, goldsmiths, jewellers, silvermiths, & bronzists, 120l.

30 O'Reilly, Dunne, & Co. Irish poplin and silk velvet manuf. to the Queen and Lord Lieut. and his Imperial Highness Prince Napoleon, 90l.

„ Dunne, William, esq.

„ Power and Stapleton, solicitors

„ Stapleton, Edward Thos. solicitor

„ Power, Robert, solicitor

31 Atkinson, Richd. & Co. Irish tabinet & poplin manufs. to the Queen, 95l.

„ Atkinson, Alderman Richard, j.p. president of Court of Conscience—res. Highfield house, Rathgar

„ Murdoch, Robert, solicitor, agent to the European Assurance Society

„ Murdoch, Robert, jun. solicitor

32 Judge, John, poplin and tabinet manufacturer to the Queen, 40l.

„ Craig, Mr. John

32 & 33 Royal Arcade hotel, and 4 and 5 Suffolk-street—C. Spadaccini, proprietor, 160l.

34 National Bank—George F. Hardy, esq. manager; Chas. E. M'Kenna, esq. sub-manager, 400l.

The Scottish Provincial Assurance Co. (estab. l825)—Thos. Manly, sec. —res. 3 Waterloo terrace

34A Mahony, David, solicitor

34B Casey, Robert, solicitor

„ Casey and Samuels, solicitors

35 Boyle, Low, Pim, and Co. bankers, public notaries, and stockbrokers, agents to the Alliance Life and Fire Insurance Company, and Imperial Life and Fire Insurance Com. (see advertisement), 160l.

36 Ulster Banking Company, William Thompson, esq. manager

37 Madden, James, tobacconist, and 119 Grafton-street—residence, 80 Up. George's-st. Kingstown, 80l.

„ Wilmott, John, resident secretary Unity Life and Fire Assurance Co.

„ Carey and Thompson, Messrs. sols.

„ Carey, Wm. solicitor, and Nenagh

„ Thompson, William, solicitor, and Annaville, Dundrum

„ Martin, James Robert, solicitor

„ Harvey, Joseph, sol. & Waterford

„ Allen, Geo. William, and Kanturk

„ Kidd, Osborne, solr. and Armagh

„ Parker, Dunscombe, solr. & Cork

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