SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Henry-street to Great Britain-street

P. St. Mary.—North City W.—City.

1 Cullen, Judith, broker, 9l.

2 Tenements, 12l.

3 Kavanagh, James, broker, 8l.

4 Ruins

5 Tenements, 5l.

6 & 7 Brennan, J. timber stores. 12l.

8 Sheridan, Christopher, vintner, 15l.

here Sampson's-lane intersects

9 and 10 Nolan, Michael, rag and bone yard, 13l.

here Limeyard-lane or Bell's ln. intersects.

11 to 13 Tenements, each 9l.

14 Keenan, James, broker, 6l.

15 Tenements, 3l. 10s.

here Anglesea-market intersects

16 Byrne, Patrick, green grocer, 3l.

here Riddall's-row intersects

17 Sherman, Stephen, grocer & spirit dealer, 13l.

18 Ruins, 22l.

19 Fitzpatrick, Patrick, poulterer 6l.

here Mason's-market intersects

20 to 25 Tenements, 5l. to 8l.

here Britain-street, Great, intersects

26 Campbell, John, broker, 5l.

27 Tenements, 13l.

here Taaffe's-row intersects

28 to 30 Tenements, 8l. to 10l.

here Rotunda market or Cash-ro. intersects.

31 Roach, Joseph, vintner, 14l.

32 Farrell, James, provision deal. 32l.

33 and 34 Tenements, 16l., 10l.

35 Keegan, James, hairdresser, 7l.

here Denmark-place intersects

36 Daly, Joseph, dairy, 7l.

37 Kavanagh, Patrick, broker, 9l.

here M'Cann's-lane intersects

38 and 39 Tenements, each 10l.

40 Newport, Robt. cabinet maker, 10l.

41 Tenements, 10l.

42 Fagan, Patrick, chairmaker, 10l.

43 Gatchell, Sam. & Sons, factory. 9l.

44 Murphy, Denis, broker, 10l.

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